The All New Marquis Randger Campervan

Marquis, who I am sure you know, are the UK's largest dealer network have launched the all new Randger campervans.

Marquis Introduce a brand new range to the UK market

Marquis Introduce a brand new range to the UK market

Keeping Fit While Touring

Keeping fit, having a holiday and having fun, It can all be done at the same time

Trying to stay in shape is hard work, trust me I've been trying for years. Yes it can be physically hard but the mind is tough part. Whenever you think "oh I need to exercise" its common, for me, to just shut off and not what to do it. But what if you make it fun and incorporate it into your holiday and touring activities..?

The Definition Of Dangerous Towing And Risking Life

2 drivers pulled over to reveal extreme levels of poor towing safety

When it comes to cutting corners or bad practice there are certain things where is can be kind of acceptable. Not putting enough butter on your sandwich, not lifting the carpet when your vacuuming on a Sunday morning. When it comes to towing and keeping passengers safe there is zero margin for error. Something that two drivers neglected when they were pulled over by police to reveal children and babies left in the caravan while towing.

Swift Group Forms Charitable Partnership

Swift Group Commercial Director Nick Page, Andy Newhall (right) hand over the keys to James Cameron, CEO of Mission Motorsport

The Swift Group have formed a partnership with military forces' charity Mission Motorsport. Swift have donated a motorhome to the Armed Forces' charity that helps veterans rebuild their lives, post service, by providing opportunities through motorsport. A charity effort that I am sure we can all agree is extremely important.

Luxury Resort Recognised For Promoting Shrewsbury

Love2Stay manager Geoff Plumridge and staff members Charlotte Auterson, Steve and Kay Gallagher and Brendan Leach with the Mayor Awards for Tourism.

The high end state of the art Love2Stay has recently celebrated its first birthday. With its first massively successful year in the bag the site has also been awarded the Shrewsbury Mayor's Award for Tourism, so that's one more top prize to add to the trophy cabinet.

Swift Employ The VIN CHIP System

Swift are taking the fight to thieves

Unfortunately the theft of caravans and motorhomes is something that is far too common in the UK. It seems as though every time you turn around you speak to someone who has their touring vehicle vandalised or stolen. Swift are now fighting back with the VIN CHIP theft deterrent system.

Pre Towing Safety Checks

Do you have a check list routine before towing your caravan?

I am sure we have all hooked up our caravan to our tow car a thousand times, so much so that it has now become second nature. Can you become so used to it that sometimes you can overlook things? After speaking with a keen caravaner who spotted two instances where the hitch lock lever was not locked in I thought I would put together a little chick list for a little refresher. Lord knows I have made a few mistakes.

Is caravan insurance worth the expense?

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Swift Caravans

Based in Hull, Swift are leaders in the caravan and motorhome

Best-selling caravan manufacturer with a group incorporating Sprite and Sterling brands

Bailey Caravans

The first ever Bailey caravan was produced in 1948 by Martin Bailey

One of the best known names in the industry, Bailey of Bristol is the oldest caravan manufacturer in the UK.

Elddis Caravans

Elddis caravans have been in production since 1964

Over the last fifty years Elddis has built up a reputation for building great value tourers and motorhomes.

TRIBUTE TESTING BLOG WEEK 3: A Question of Driving

The Auto-Trail Tribute has a 115hp Fiat engine

In Week 3 of our long term test, we look at what it is like to drive the Auto-Trail Tribute 670. In this review, I will look at different common driving questions followed by a brief summary for anyone who is a novice and also a summary for the more experienced.

FEATURE: CaravanTimes continues with its long term testing of the AutoTrail Tribute

Van conversion motorhomes have always been popular for the short breakers

In the second blog of our long term test of the Auto-Trail Tribute 670, we look at how the Tribute performs for the short getaway, that weekend reprieve or the impromptu break.

FEATURE: CaravanTimes introduces long term tests with the AutoTrail Tribute

We will be living with, in and around these leisure vehicles for long periods of time, throughout the year.

Here, at CaravanTimes we have reviewed literally thousands of caravans and motorhomes over the years. We have been involved in challenges, events and press junkets and now is the time to take it to the next level with long term reviews.

FEATURE: 21st century caravan construction: How are caravans made today?

Some companies have welcomed the change in technology

Regardless of your chosen caravan manufacturer, construction methods have changed unrecognisably over the last decade. Early adopters, Bailey of Bristol, were the first to change their construction with the introduction of Alu-Tech, but each of the manufacturers have done things in there own way. Below we have provided you with a quick synopsis of how all the main manufacturers make their caravans.

Elddis 1980s

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Miles and more miles

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Torque Wrenches

An invaluable bit of kit that I think should come as standard with every new caravan... Have you got one? Which br...

Avtex TV's

Why do caravan manufacturers FORCE buyers to purchase an Avtex TV with a caravan and try to promote this as a sale...

Weight Distribution/Nose Weight Issue

Hello I wonder if anyone can help please. I have an Avondale Sanbeck van with a Toyota Auris tow car. in terms of ...

2010 Sprite Alpine 2 Roof Weight Strength ?

Hi Guys Has anybody any info on what weight a Alpine roof will withstand, for instance will it take my bodyweight...

Alko Wheel Lock

Hi guys, I have just swapped our Caravan and now have for sale an Alko Wheel Lock, No24, Its in great condition , ...