ITV Focus On Industry Success In Cumbria

There is no denying that 2017 has been an amazing year for the UK tourism industry. With record breaking numbers or staycations being taken as well of billions being pumped into the economy from overseas visitors. So is it any real surprise that one of the UK's biggest television channels have visited one England's holiday hotspots.

Henry Wild explains to ITV why he believes Cumbria's holiday parks have experienced a triumphant tourism year

Henry Wild explains to ITV why he believes Cumbria's holiday parks have experienced a triumphant tourism year

Fuel Thief Gets A Mouthful

Rubbish criminal gets an early Christmas gift

With the snow falling and the temperatures plummeting we can safely say that winter is upon us. So now is the time to safely store away your leisure vehicles safe and securely to ensure nobody is tempted to tamper. Despite a lot of efforts there are still certain members of the public who just cannot help themselves. This certain individual got a lot more than he bargained for when he tried to filter fuel from this a motorhome.

Oyster Sat Tech Christmas Competition

Oyster Sat Tech are about to make Christmas even more festive

It's that time of year again folks, Christmas jumpers, office parties, gifts, double rate on cabs and amazing competitions to win fantastic prizes! Our good friends at Oyster Sat Tech are going to be hosting a Facebook live competition for you guys to try your hand at winning a Christmas Hamper. So come and get involved in the festive fun and see how sharp your Christmas TV knowledge is.

Cumbrian Park Ditches Diesel

The carbon footprint, emissions, global warming, climate change. There are a majority of people who deny it and an even larger group who ignore it, both of which more than likely benefit from it. Not us in the UK and especially not the touring industry and its communities. More and more parks across the land are doing their best to reduce their effects and this Lakeland park is no different.

The Salop Santa Dash Success

Some of the Santas line up at the start of the fun run

Christmas is the season of giving. It is very easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush buying gifts and making sure you are all prepped and ready for that one day of the year where everything needs to be perfect. In the true meaning of giving, Salop leisure raised £2,000 for Severn Hospice with the Santa Dash.

The Auto Trail Imala 732 With Martin Dorey

Martin Dorey lives off the land with the Auto Trail Imala 732

Depending on what side of the fence you sit in there is no denying that the ease and maneuverability of the motorhome does have its perk when touring. Auto-Trail wanted to show the experiences that can be had in a motorhome, so they teamed up with Campervan enthusiast and chef Martin Dorey to see what can be done in the UK with an Imala 732.

Adults Only Site Following New Ownership

Three generations of two families span 50 years of park ownership, and have now acquired Cherry Tree Springs

As we get a little bit older our holiday tastes and needs change, sometimes they change drastically. This is something that is being recognised by a lot of parks and sites are picking up on. Some adults want their staycation to be full of silence, tranquility and relaxation, something they feel cannot happen with children on site.

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Swift Caravans

Based in Hull, Swift are leaders in the caravan and motorhome

Best-selling caravan manufacturer with a group incorporating Sprite and Sterling brands

Bailey Caravans

The first ever Bailey caravan was produced in 1948 by Martin Bailey

One of the best known names in the industry, Bailey of Bristol is the oldest caravan manufacturer in the UK.

Elddis Caravans

Elddis caravans have been in production since 1964

Over the last fifty years Elddis has built up a reputation for building great value tourers and motorhomes.

TRIBUTE TESTING BLOG WEEK 3: A Question of Driving

The Auto-Trail Tribute has a 115hp Fiat engine

In Week 3 of our long term test, we look at what it is like to drive the Auto-Trail Tribute 670. In this review, I will look at different common driving questions followed by a brief summary for anyone who is a novice and also a summary for the more experienced.

FEATURE: CaravanTimes continues with its long term testing of the AutoTrail Tribute

Van conversion motorhomes have always been popular for the short breakers

In the second blog of our long term test of the Auto-Trail Tribute 670, we look at how the Tribute performs for the short getaway, that weekend reprieve or the impromptu break.

FEATURE: CaravanTimes introduces long term tests with the AutoTrail Tribute

We will be living with, in and around these leisure vehicles for long periods of time, throughout the year.

Here, at CaravanTimes we have reviewed literally thousands of caravans and motorhomes over the years. We have been involved in challenges, events and press junkets and now is the time to take it to the next level with long term reviews.

FEATURE: 21st century caravan construction: How are caravans made today?

Some companies have welcomed the change in technology

Regardless of your chosen caravan manufacturer, construction methods have changed unrecognisably over the last decade. Early adopters, Bailey of Bristol, were the first to change their construction with the introduction of Alu-Tech, but each of the manufacturers have done things in there own way. Below we have provided you with a quick synopsis of how all the main manufacturers make their caravans.

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