How and Why You Should Winterize Your Motorhome

With the cold weather currently sweeping across the UK, and those freezing winter evenings well and truly upon us, for avid campers, it's the perfect time to winterize their motorhome. For many, the start of the cold weather indicates it's time to stop their travels until the sunshine returns - but rather than simply storing their motorhome in a garage, there are a number of steps that need to be taken to properly protect it from the elements

Sad times as we start to winter store our motorhomes

Sad times as we start to winter store our motorhomes

Our Winter Sun Touring Tips

Want some fun in the sun this winter? Be prepared before you set off

As I look outside the office window I gaze across London which is blanketed in grey clouds and being drenched in wind, rain, thunder and lightning. I think it is safe to say that this year's "season" is officially over unless you're winter tourer, but that doesn't mean the caravan or motorhome has to go into hibernation. Just across the pond is a limitless supply of winter sun. Here are some of our main tips before you set off.

The Christmas Festivities Have Begun

Some of the Christmas lights at Oxon Hall Touring Park and Oxon Pool Holiday Home Park in Shrewsbury last year

There are times where you do think to yourself, "Do we need Christmas stuff on shelves on shelves at the end of September?". As we enter mid November I feel we are close enough to Christmas to start spreading the festive cheer. Oxon Hall Touring Park feel exactly the same as they prepare for a weekend of Christmas fun and more importantly a charity fundraising effort for a very worthwhile cause

A Public Statement From A Shunned Holiday Maker

The negativity continues for touring folk

Recently there has been a slight ground swell of negativity toward the touring community. Some areas have actually gone as far as to impose bans and parking restrictions for motorhomes in certain coastal areas. One member who feels directly, and wrongfully, impacted by these wave of changes wrote into the Dorset Echo. The publication felt so strongly they actually published the letter. I too feel like this letter needs to be shared.

Scams In The Leisure Industry And What To Look Out For

We take a look into the scammers in the caravan world

The caravan holiday is one of the most relaxing holiday types one can take. From the freedom to go wherever you like to having new neighbours everytime you pitch up. But underneath all the fun is a side of the industry I hope you never face. The holiday scam.

Top Pup Friendly Site Officially Recognised

We look into why dogs are sometimes unwelcome as Moss Wood open their arms to all dog loving caravanners

When planning your next adventure one thing always needs to be considered, where will the pest go while we are away? Many sites across the UK do not welcome our four legged friends with open arms which always leaves us feeling guilty if we leave them behind. This Lancashire park is doing quite the opposite and are being recognised for keeping the love of pets on tour alive.

The Rise Of The Static Caravan Holiday

Big accommodation minimal effort with static vans

The static caravan was a massive part of my childhood and one of the first holidays I ever went on. It now seems as though the static holiday home is making a resurgence and there are now many different forms of "static" holiday homes you can use for your getaways and escapes.

Is caravan insurance worth the expense?

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Swift Caravans

Based in Hull, Swift are leaders in the caravan and motorhome

Best-selling caravan manufacturer with a group incorporating Sprite and Sterling brands

Bailey Caravans

The first ever Bailey caravan was produced in 1948 by Martin Bailey

One of the best known names in the industry, Bailey of Bristol is the oldest caravan manufacturer in the UK.

Elddis Caravans

Elddis caravans have been in production since 1964

Over the last fifty years Elddis has built up a reputation for building great value tourers and motorhomes.

TRIBUTE TESTING BLOG WEEK 3: A Question of Driving

The Auto-Trail Tribute has a 115hp Fiat engine

In Week 3 of our long term test, we look at what it is like to drive the Auto-Trail Tribute 670. In this review, I will look at different common driving questions followed by a brief summary for anyone who is a novice and also a summary for the more experienced.

FEATURE: CaravanTimes continues with its long term testing of the AutoTrail Tribute

Van conversion motorhomes have always been popular for the short breakers

In the second blog of our long term test of the Auto-Trail Tribute 670, we look at how the Tribute performs for the short getaway, that weekend reprieve or the impromptu break.

FEATURE: CaravanTimes introduces long term tests with the AutoTrail Tribute

We will be living with, in and around these leisure vehicles for long periods of time, throughout the year.

Here, at CaravanTimes we have reviewed literally thousands of caravans and motorhomes over the years. We have been involved in challenges, events and press junkets and now is the time to take it to the next level with long term reviews.

FEATURE: 21st century caravan construction: How are caravans made today?

Some companies have welcomed the change in technology

Regardless of your chosen caravan manufacturer, construction methods have changed unrecognisably over the last decade. Early adopters, Bailey of Bristol, were the first to change their construction with the introduction of Alu-Tech, but each of the manufacturers have done things in there own way. Below we have provided you with a quick synopsis of how all the main manufacturers make their caravans.