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Thursday, 11, Apr 2013 04:19

Adria owns and manufacturers five different motorhome brands, offering a wide choice of options

From vans to overcab motorhomes, the Adria motorhomes range includes nine different models, all of which are built in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Sharing the same production facility as Adria caravans, all owners are promised the same levels of build-quality, value-for-money and durability.

A Class

There six models in the range, under the guises of Sonic Axcess, Sonic, and Super Sonic, are all four-berth motorhomes distinguished by the large windscreen and connection between the cab and the living area.

Every model has an aerodynamic body shape and a robust bodyshell, with exclusive Adria lights as a part of the rear wall design.

Regarding the interior, these models have LED lighting, a bathroom with a separate shower cubicle, and an L-shaped kitchen.


Ranging from four to six berths, the Matrix range has five different models in three categories; Matrix, Matrix Axcess and Matrix Supreme.

The polyester low-profile construction is designed to withstand all weather conditions, while the aerodynamic body shape helps to reduce fuel consumption.

The Matrix Supreme was also named as the ADAC Safety Test Winner and is produced on the Renault Master chassis, which comes in two different engine choices.

The Matrix is also available in a variety of colour options and is furnished in a contemporary style.

Low Profile

With five models, each of them three-berths, the Low-Profile range features an optional panoramic roof window and a dent-resistant bodyshell.

Low-Profile ranges include the Polaris, which features Alde central heating, the Coral, with its distinctive L-shaped kitchen design, and the contemporary style Adria Sport motorhome range.

What's more, every model in this range benefits from greater energy efficiency, due to the interior LED lights, which significantly reduce power consumption.


Completing the Adria Motorhomes range is the Twin and Twin GT van collection, which is available in a choice of four layout configurations.

Built on a Fiat Ducato chassis with a 2.3-litre engine, these vans promise a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

And the Twin GT's bold design ensures you will stand out from the crowd, with a head-turning orange exterior look.

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