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Coachman Caravans have a reputation for producing high quality, well built caravans
Coachman Caravans have a reputation for producing high quality, well built caravans

Monday, 15, Jun 2015 11:46

Coachman Caravans are certainly renowned for their reputation for producing high quality, well built caravans and 2015 is no different. Claiming to have created a range for 2016 which is more confident and dynamic, it's pretty easy to see why, with a remodelling of the popular Pastiche range for starters.

Jim Hibbs and George Kemp, both previous directors of ABI, formed Coachman Caravans in 1986. The Explorer Group acquired Coachman in 1997, then Jim and the management team bought it back in 2001. The company employs over 170 staff, who pride themselves on the superior quality of their vehicles and their excellent after-sales service.

Coachman Caravans enhance the resale value of their tourers by offering a five year manufacturer's warranty and a ten-year water ingress and body delamination guarantee. Certified by the National Caravan Council, their tourers are inspected on everything from fire safety, weights and dimensions to gas, electrics and ventilation.

Coachman's 2016 season sees the inclusion of the transverse island bed layout across the Vision, Pastiche & VIP ranges and the unique island bed central bathroom within the VIP and Laser ranges.

Coachman ranges


Following many years of development, the Vision range seems to encapsulate Coachman's continuing quest to create something that is the perfect family caravan. Lighter and even more affordable, the Vision comes in eight layouts and prices start from £15,845. For more information on this range, click here.


The Pastiche has been redesigned for 2015 to provide for a more seamless and aerodynamic transformation. As with all of Coachman's caravans, the Pastiche has been built with Advanced Bonding Construction and modern PU materials in a move to cut down on weight and provide for more style. Prices for the Pastiche start from £19,645. To find out more, click here.


According to Coachman, the VIP has been designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Coachman's 2015 VIP range is certainly impressive and is complete with a number of added bonuses with the introduction of the Alde central heating system which add comfort and luxury as standard. To read why, click here. Prices for the VIP start from £22,195.


Coachman's ultimate range, the Laser, comes with an unparalleled amount of space and functionality. The Laser certainly packs a punch and with just three layouts to choose from - each offering something different - each model is definitely a wise choice. Prices for the Laser start from £26,645. To find out more about the Laser, click here

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ReviewsOverall Rating

Coachman VIP 460/2 - 2009

Only complaint is the warranty...Read More

Coachman Pastiche 420/2 - 2007

I will be upgrading endvof year, coachman have my vote, a little more pricy but worth saving my pennies, I would like a VIP 545....Read More

Coachman Amara 530/4 - 2004

Best van we have ever owned will not part with it for a long time yet....Read More

Coachman Laser 655/6 - 2011

Attention to detail in overall build is not the best (the sealant is poor and looks dirty after a couple of outings) unfortunately we had 27 issues an...Read More

Coachman 545/4 - 2012

Every one wanting to look at van thought I was at the Lawns, downer was fridge not working on gas....Read More

Coachman Amara 530/4 - 2004

Had this van 5 years, been a great van no major problems, love it....Read More

Coachman Laser 655/6 - 2011

This van is fantastic - it tows well and has impressive features. We feel let down by so many quality issues and poor main dealer support. Coachman ...Read More

Coachman Pastiche 520/4 - 2009

The fact that we have had so many problems with the van disappoints me especially as I was told they are a quality van. Problem is that having looked ...Read More

Coachman Wanderer - 2010

An excellent caravan with good all-round fittings and workmanship. ...Read More

Coachman VIP - 2005

A great van, but it's quite heavy so you need a substantial towcar, we tow with an Audi A6 Quattro. But I Overall, thoroughly recommended....Read More


Contact Details

Coachman Caravans Ltd.
Amsterdam Road
Sutton Fields Industrial Estate
Hull HU7 0XF
Tel 01482 839737

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Even lighter and even more ideal for families, the Vision range is bound to be a popular choice for 2016

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