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Wednesday, 23, Nov 2016 12:05

Compass is a historic caravan brand that was launched in 1979 by Siddle Cook, the man who gave his name to the original Elddis caravan.

In 1998, Compass became part of the County Durham-based Explorer Group, which also makes the Elddis and Buccaneer ranges at their site in Consett.

However, in 2009 the group ceased production of the brand as they rebranded as Elddis, dropping the make from its lineup.

In July 2013, Compass Caravans launched a brand new collection, built using Elddis' pioneering SoLiD Construction process.

Innovations for 2017

Compass Casita

There are six models for Casita, with two eight foot wide vehicles - a new innovation across Elddis this year.

The range's first four models - 550, 554, 574 and 586 - will come with various special touches for the new season and the final two - the Casita 840 and Casita 866 - will both measure in at 8ft wide.

Specifications on the 840 and 866 include new front panels and gas locker doors, while the range as a whole will benefit from an eight-litre underfloor water heater; 4.3kW underfloor space heater; locker doors with 'quiet close' gaskets and a 'boutique bathroom sink.

For those looking to see more in depth information on the Casita models click on the link.

Compass Camino

Joining the Casita in the Compass range for 2017, will be four Camino models - 550, 554, 644, and 660.

Camino models have seen several modifications to the fleet. As the old adage goes, another year, another revised front panel, windows and locker door.

On top of the other specifications, just as in other Elddis ranges, a rooflight has been added allowing for an abundance of light during the day.

To see more on the Camino models click on the link.

Compass Capiro

There are four models in the Capiro range for 2017 at a reasonable starting price of £19,894 for the smallest model.

Each model - 482 (two berth), 530 (three berth), 550 and 554 (four berths) - has been kitted-out with ALDE's central heating system and weigh less than 1500 kgs MTPLM.

The models heating system runs on gas, electric (up to 3.15KW) or both with new easy-to-use LCD touchscreen control with night-time display setting.

For those who wish to see more of the Capiro models click on the link.

Innovations for 2016

For 2016, the range continues, with the entry-level Corona and the class-leading Rallye.

Each caravan is built on the popular AL-KO chassis, with key specification differences at each level.

The classically-styled Compass Corona is designed to offer exceptional value for money and a range of family-friendly layouts.

Topping off the revived collection for 2016 is the Compass Rallye, which offers the utmost luxury for true caravan connoisseurs.

Key features on-board include a Sky-Scape sunroof, which lets natural light flood into the interior living space.

For more details, news, rumour and discussions on Compass Caravans, join our community group for Compass Caravan Owners here.

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The Explorer Group Ltd.
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Co Durham, DH8 7PE
Tel 01207 699 000

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