Elddis Autoquest

The Autoquest brand has been around for more than 40 years
The Autoquest brand has been around for more than 40 years

Wednesday, 07, Mar 2012 03:28

For 2016, the Elddis Autoquest motorhome is offered in six layouts including the new Autoquest 185 and 195 models.

Featuring 'StrongLite' one piece aluminium sides (excluding the Autoquest 180), the Grade 3 thermal insulation certified Autoquest features a Whale Duro Control intuitive combination controller for ease of use, as well as 4KW space-saving heating, running on gas and/or electric with quiet night-time setting.

Aesthetically speaking for 2016, new 'Marone' craftsman built cabinetry with handcrafted dove-tailed drawers and refreshing 'Parquet Blue' upholstery entwined with OZIO construction on all seats, ensure the Autoquest remains fresh and vibrant for 2016, whilst external graphics have also been updated for the new season.

An electric step, leisure battery and midi Heki all also come as standard.

Featuring an array of new bathroom accessories, the kitchen includes a three burner black enamel hob, including high speed multi-functional burner, spark ignition, flame failure protection and durable cover creation additional work surface space - ideal for rustling up heartily meals in no time.

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Marquis and Elddis agree more Majestic years ahead

Members of Erwin Hymer Group and Marquis signing Majestic agreement

Marquis have announced that for the 2018 season they will be once again working with Elddis to produce the multi award winning Majestic range of motorhomes.

Erwin Hymer takes over Explorer

The Explorer Group Ltd will now be known as Erwin Hymer Group UK Ltd.

The Erwin Hymer Group, Europe's largest manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans, have agreed to acquire 100 per cent of the shares of The Explorer Group Ltd., a leading UK manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes, including all of its subsidiaries.

Elddis unveil new motorhomes for 2017

Three motorhome ranges will be available from Elddis for the 2017 season

New motorhomes announced by Elddis for 2017

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