Experience Freedom- Yurt Glamping

CaravanTimes go glamping with Experience Freedom
CaravanTimes go glamping with Experience Freedom

Tuesday, 21, May 2019 01:42

By William Coleman

The best part about taking your holidays at home here in the UK is the sheer amount you can do with just a short drive from your front door. This past weekend I took advantage of the Caravan and Motorhome Club's Experience Freedom brand and spent the weekend in a yurt.

When I first heard the word "glamping" I did turn my nose up at it as I heard it on a TV that I loath, mostly because of their butchery of the English language. What I did not realise, at the time, was that it would take the touring industry by storm and has become one of the most popular weekend away alternatives.

Over the past 2 years at the NEC the increase in glamping accommodations on display has almost doubled. From the high end 5 bed luxury tents with a private hot tub to the small 2 bed pods, the world of the alt holiday is a strong one.

Not only is glamping accommodation featured heavily at shows but they are quickly making their way to caravan and holiday sites up and down the country.

After going through the options for a "weekend with a difference" me and the other half decided that the ideal accommodation for us is the safari style yurt. The main reason for choosing the yurt was pretty much based on how they look. They just seem so cool and adventurous, with a hint of camping luxury.

The yurt has everything you would need to spend a few days out in the country with the comfort of a caravan with the space of a very large tent, with the only bugbear being you have to walk to and from the wash bock everytime you need the toilet.

The yurts and waterproof and very well insulated, which is good as the heating is provided by a small plug in radiator. During the summer months you really will have no need for the radiator as the heat is maintained so well inside the yurt.

Inside the safari tent you have an extremely comfy king size bed with very soft and fluffy bedding that provided one of the most comfy evenings I think I may have had in a very long time.

You also have 2 more beds inside the yurt should you choose to bring the little ones with you. What looks like a very high sofa is actually beds 2 and 3. If you are just a couple the second bed doubles up as a perfect sofa with a lot space for relaxing or a card game or two.

One of they key things that really impressed me about the yurt was the sheer amount of space you find inside. Plenty of room for a family of 4 with luggage, storage and a prep station for food. You also have a fridge with ice box, kettle and toaster.

Around the yurt there are large porthole style windows, you cannot actually open them as they are clear plastic covers but you do have an inner and outer cover to keep the light out of an evening or early morning.

The only real issue I had, which is and always will be a part of camping and outdoor living, is how much natural light the yurt lets in. If you like a total back out in the morning you may want to pull the covers up a little higher.

Outside the yurt you have the ideal setup for a summer evening enjoy the weather and some alfresco dining. The Club provide you a BBQ pit, a table with 4 seats and a parasol for those sunny afternoons. You can bring you own BBQ set up or use the small disposable ones that is provided.

All in all I would strongly recommend a weekend in a yurt. It is ideal for couples and families who want to try the luxury side of camping. All the fun of outdoor living without having to put the tent up and take it back down again.

If you are interested in staying in a yurt, it is a bank holiday coming up after all, then head over to Experience Freedom, but be warned, they book up fast.

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