5 New Year Resolutions for Motorhome owners

Five New Year Resolutions for Motorhome Owners in 2017
Five New Year Resolutions for Motorhome Owners in 2017

Friday, 06, Jan 2017 03:52

by Tom Leaning

To prepare you all properly for the year ahead, CaravanTimes has asked some Caravan and Motorhome experts to recommend Five New Year Resolutions to promise yourselves this year, to make your 2017 as good as it can be!

In Part 2 of our two part feature, Ed Glover of Salop Leisure has kindly offered his top five recommendations for New Year Resolutions:

1. Look after the environment

"Please try and only use bio degradable (green) chemical waste in your Motorhome. By doing your bit and helping protect the environment on your travels, you will make the experience more pleasant for yourself and for your fellow travellers out on the road."

2. Carry out TABB tests every month

"TABB (Tread, Air, Battery, Breaks) tests are extremely important, routine checks to carry out on your motorhome. If you make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition on a regular basis you will massively reduce the chances of having problems while out on the road."

3. Be conscious of your rear view mirror

"Make a big effort to be as safe a Motorhome driver as you can be this year. Obey the rules of the road, always check your mirrors, and pull over and allow fast moving traffic past when you can."

4. Support local tourism industry

"Travelling to different parts of the UK gives Motorhome owners opportunities to support local communities. One way to show your support is simply by shopping for supplies in local independent shops rather than supermarkets chains."

5. Explore more!

"Be more adventurous this year! Be bold and travel abroad. And try and visit one new town or county in the UK each month. Have a cracking 2017!"

Part 1 in our New Year Resolutions series offers recommendations to our Caravan owners.

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