CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Adria Adora 642UP

Adria Adora 642UP
Adria Adora 642UP

Thursday, 23, Jul 2020 10:00

By Emma Dodd

It's rather fun when you stumble across a vintage review for the CaravanTimes Classic Gold series where the enthusiasm of the motorhome's owner pours from the page. Lawrence Phillips was so taken with his Adria Adora 642UP when he reviewed it in 2012, he rated the van five out of five in every category.

When doing his research for buying a caravan, Mr Phillips' main concern was finding one with a double bed wide enough not just to fit two humans, but a terrier too. The answer was the Adria Adora 642UP, as it was the only standard-width caravan on the market at the time with a proper-sized double bed.

This is achieved by two very wide single beds being mounted on a track and slid together to create the double. Luckily, for our reviewer, the motorhome also performed beyond just the dimensions of the bed.

Mr Phillips said: "The separate shower unit has proved a boon as one does not have to wait for the bathroom to become free before showering. The all-plastic washroom/WC is well fitted with shelves designed so that you don't have to empty them or pack them before travelling and things stay put."

He added that the washroom being all plastic made an excellent drying room for coats when it had been raining and was complete with a rail for the purpose. We're getting quite a vivid insight into the way of life of these caravan owners and their pet pooch.

Let's give the last word to our reviewer and his wonderful phraseology: "A lovely galley area with a peninsular worktop and a fabulous cavernous corner cupboard with fiddles and shelves to help hold things in place. Speaking of fiddles, the shelves in the lounge area all have these; an excellent idea to stop items sliding off the shelves."

Have you owned an Adria Adora 642UP and if so, were you as enamoured with it as our reviewer? Get in touch to let us know.

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