CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Bailey Pageant Moselle

Let us know your thoughts on the 2014 Bailey Pageant Moselle
Let us know your thoughts on the 2014 Bailey Pageant Moselle

Thursday, 18, Jun 2020 02:31

By Chris Littley

Looking back through the archives for the CaravanTimes' Classic Gold series is always fun, especially when it gives you a snapshot of family life for one of our reviewers. That is exactly the case today with the Bailey Pageant Moselle, which Jan Rosier took on the road with her family in 2014.

Overall, Ms Rosier was pleased with her caravan, giving it a rating of five stars, but there is one comment that gives more away. She said: "The layout is good for young families, but don't buy if your children are approaching teen years."

We can picture the scene now; her children's feet sticking out of the bunk beds, which she described as short and narrow compared to other motorhomes. This is something to consider when buying a caravan you're hoping to last your family for holidays for years to come.

Another mental image to savour is that of her family, complete with teenagers, all trying to manoeuvre around the van. She noted the bathroom door opening up to block the main entrance, thus preventing anyone outside from getting into the caravan.

But apart from these aspects, Ms Rosier was impressed with the Bailey Pageant Moselle, stating that the quality inside was excellent. She liked the storage and the way that it towed, as well as the bathroom (if you discount the issue with the door).

In summation, Ms Rosier said: "Nothing ever broke and the beds were very comfy." You can't get fairer than that.

Did you buy a Bailey Pageant Moselle and if so, how did you find it? Let us know.

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