CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Bailey Pegasus Ancona

How does the Pegasus Ancona stack up today?
How does the Pegasus Ancona stack up today?

Friday, 03, Apr 2020 03:19

By Chris Littley

The 2011 Bailey Pegasus Ancona receives the Classic Gold treatment today and we'd love to receive your comments on how you've experienced this vehicle.

It's been almost a decade since our last review, with plenty of years now passed to see if our thoughts at the time match up to the reality of what it was like to own or stay in one of these versatile and well-equipped caravans.

Reviewer Martin MacDonald gave the Pegasus Ancona an overall rating of 4 out of 5 and picked out the spacious interior as a particular positive of the design.

He stated: "Highlights for the van would definitely be the space you get for your money. Admittedly, there were only three of us in the van, and it might be a different story with 5 or 6 people. The finishing of this van seems high quality as well."

Martin went on to describe the excellent build quality of the Pegasus Ancona, stating it was "solid" and there was "zero movement while walking up and down inside. He also praised the positive catches for interior compartments, with none springing open during transit.

Excellent under seat storage was a plus for the vehicle, while the large shower, bathroom and wide central corridor made it a practical caravan with plenty of room to relax and get comfortable.

The large array of equipment that came with the vehicle also had Martin raving, with easy hookup and stability when transporting between sites another great feature.

Let us know if your own experience of the Pegasus Ancona has been in line with our review. We'd love to see if we got it right at the time!

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