CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Coachman Laser 655/6

What are your thoughts on the classic Coachman Laser 655/6?
What are your thoughts on the classic Coachman Laser 655/6?

Wednesday, 03, Jun 2020 12:55

By Chris Littley

In this edition of CaravanTimes' Classic Gold series, we are taking a closer look at the Coachman Laser 655/6 to see what our reviewer thought of the model and to prompt some debate between those who actually owned this motorhome.

The year was 2012 and the Coachman Laser 655/6 had only been on the market for 12 months when Fiona Wardle put it through its paces. She must have been pretty impressed, as she gave the caravan an overall four-star rating, but what about the finer points of the model?

Let's start with the positives, Ms Wardle said the layout of the caravan was particularly good for families travelling together. She commented on the head height, stating it was good and that leg room was also sufficient. There weren't any issues towing issues, either, which is an important practical point.

While she did find the beds and seats comfortable, our reviewer found the combination of slats fitted into a frame and gas struts strange. You would think that Coachman would have adopted the same system for all of the beds throughout the Laser 655/6, but apparently not.

Despite being pleased with the layouts of the kitchen and bathroom, Ms Wardle found a number of details meant it wasn't as user-friendly as it could have been. For example, she bemoaned the lack of shelves in the top lockers and bathroom cabinet, which would become an annoyance on longer trips.

But it appears the reviewer managed to turn a blind eye to the niggles, summarising: "Overall, a lovely caravan."

Did you buy a Coachman Laser 655/6 in 2011 or after? If so, what did you think of its layout, beds and all the little details? Do let us know your thoughts.

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