CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Hymer Nova 530K

Let us know how you fared with the Nova 530K
Let us know how you fared with the Nova 530K

Friday, 15, May 2020 10:46

By Chris Littley

In the latest edition of the CaravanTimes' Classic Gold series, we take a look at the Hymer Nova 530K. It may have hit the market in 2007, but it was in 2011 that our reviewer David Welch took it for a spin and handed down his verdict.

And when we say he took it for a spin, Mr Welch toured much of Great Britain in the Hymer Nova 530K and said that after more than 30 weeks of use, it still looked brand new. That's high praise from a caravan reviewer and he was so impressed, he gave the model a whopping five stars overall.

He pointed out that the Hymer Nova 530K wasn't the cheapest caravan on the market, but you did get a lot of bang for your buck. Mr Welch said the seats were large and the cupboards a good size, making for a comfortable ride and excellent storage.

On another practical point, he said: "Excellent layout; can put the kids to bed in a full-size bunk to watch TV in bed and slide the door closed so they are separate from the rest of the van."

Mr Welch only had a couple of minor gripes to report and one was that the gangway was disproportionately narrow compared to the other features. The second complaint was that, being a European van, the door opened on the wrong side for most UK caravan sites and required a mover to address this problem.

All in all, David was very impressed with the Hymer Nova 530K, describing it as "built like a tank", but what do you think? Did you purchase this model and if so, would you have given it a five out of five, like Mr Welch did?

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