CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Sterling Elite Amber

Thursday, 16, Jul 2020 09:13

By Emma Dodd

In this edition of CaravanTimes Classic Gold, we are once again heading back in time to 2012. The Sterling Elite Amber was new on the market and our reviewer, Martin Ackers, had great expectations for its performance.

It started off very promisingly, when Mr Ackers commented that the "level of equipment is very high and it has all that is needed". He added that it tows well, looks excellent and is very good in terms of day-to-day use.

Things started to go downhill after that, with our reviewer noting that the quality seems to have dropped a little since he purchased his last Swift caravan. His concerns started with the lights, as the LED awning light stopped working after just two uses and he noticed moisture inside the rear light clusters.

And it didn't get much better after that. Chief among Mr Ackers' complaints was that the shower door hinge broke, making it impossible to close the door or use the shower without making the carpet wet. The issues with water did not end there, as the onboard water tank gauge didn't work from day one.

The construction of the drawers were not up to the expected standard either, as our reviewer pointed out that anything more than a newspaper would make the bottoms fall out. Retrieving said newspaper was further hampered by the seat cushions moving forward, meaning everyone would have to stand up to gain access to the drawers.

Mr Ackers ended on a high, stating that there was an "excellent amount of space for the two of us and two dogs," but it appears his overall rating of four out of five may have been somewhat generous when you consider his comments.

Did you have a Sterling Elite Amber back in 2012 or in subsequent years? If so, let us know whether you agree with our reviewer's comments.

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