Government confirms caravan site reopening date in July

It's great news for caravanners around lockdown easing
It's great news for caravanners around lockdown easing

Wednesday, 24, Jun 2020 10:18

By Chris Littley

The government has confirmed that caravan sites will be allowed to reopen in England from July 4th, after tentative plans had been in place for weeks.

It will be the first time since March that restrictions on overnight stays will be lifted, allowing the hospitality industry to reclaim some of its summer revenue.

Prime minister Boris Johnson said in a statement: "From July 4th, people will be free to stay overnight in contained accommodation, including hotels, B&Bs, including campsites, as long as shared facilities are kept clean."

It's good news for caravan parks, who had hopes of opening earlier than the beginning of July dashed after a campaign by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) was unsuccessful.

While July 4th had been the expected date of reopening for some time, it was not until the government gave express permission for overnight stays to be allowed that it became official.

Those who like to holiday in their caravans with friends will also be able to do so, as the new guidelines allow two households to go away together.

Caravan parks will be allowed to reopen with reduced capacity and a number of virus prevention measures in place, such as social distancing rules and increased cleaning schedules.

It has long been argued by caravan lovers that taking a break in a motorhome is one of the safest ways to have a holiday post-pandemic, due to all the open space and fresh air.

Caravans that have their own self-contained facilities are particularly good at cutting down the risk of infection, and most leisure vehicles are parked up at least six metres apart.

One new feature being adopted by a number of caravan sites is wildlife corridors between pitches, where grass is being allowed to grow tall.

This will create a natural barrier, helping to encourage social distancing without feeling too intrusive.

Caravan owners in Wales and Scotland will have to wait until July 6th and 15th respectively before they can head off on overnight trips, but the idea of a staycation is now within reach.

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