How caravan trips will be different in summer 2020

Caravan trips could be a bit different this year, here's what to expect
Caravan trips could be a bit different this year, here's what to expect

Monday, 29, Jun 2020 02:24

By Chris Littley

The world is very different to what it looked like this time last year and as we all adjust to the new normal, it's worth being prepared for the changes ahead.

Just like every other element of our lives, caravan holidays have had to be tweaked to keep everyone as safe from coronavirus as possible while opening up the tourism industry. Here's what you can expect.

More staycations

While owning a caravan has long meant having the flexibility to head off to all parts of Europe and beyond without breaking the budget, travel within the UK is now a reality for many. Staycations are expected to be embraced by Brits this summer, as everyone craves a holiday but fears going too far away from home.

Booking ahead

Gone, for now, is the whimsy of being able to hit the open road and see which caravan site is closeby for the night en route. Some sites will not be able to reopen after the pandemic and all of them will have to adhere to strict capacity rules. Couple this with increased demand due to more staycationers and it makes sense to book your spot well in advance.

Site check-in

Don't expect to head into a small office to check-in upon arrival at your caravan site, as these spaces make social distancing very difficult. Individual parks will let visitors know their own procedures, but there's likely to be online check-in and stewards directing you to your pitch based on your numberplate.

Closed amenities

Just because caravan parks themselves are open does not mean all of their amenities will be too. Expect some shower blocks, restaurants, swimming pools and entertainment venues to remain closed at the beginning of the season or even for the whole of 2020.

Extended season

Instead of flocking to caravan sites for the first holidays of the year around Easter, everyone was stuck at home. This means parks will be keen to make up for lost time and visitors are likely to feel the same way, so expect trips to be taking place well into the colder months, when many motorhomes are usually hibernating for the winter.

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