How to make your caravan safe from coronavirus

Cleaning is crucial when it comes to managing the risk of coronavirus
Cleaning is crucial when it comes to managing the risk of coronavirus

Tuesday, 23, Jun 2020 12:13

By Chris Littley

Caravan sites up and down the country are putting measures in place to ensure they will be safe when holidaymakers return. But there are also things you can do to prepare your caravan for its first post-pandemic trip away.

Invest in a supply of gloves

You won't get very far without putting fuel in your caravan, but petrol pumps could be a hotbed for the virus, so you'll want to wear gloves to complete this task. Fuel stations should supply these, but you don't want to be caught off guard if they've run out, so stash a box of gloves in your motorhome.

Stock up on hand sanitiser and soap

Every time you come into your caravan from outside you should wash your hands or disinfect them with sanitiser. The latter can be more convenient in a motorhome where you're short on space, so make sure you have enough to last for a whole trip and beyond.

Purchase extra cleaning products

As well as removing any virus particles from yourself, it's important to be vigilant about your leisure vehicle too. Have extra cleaning products to hand in order to wipe everything down regularly, paying particular attention to door handles and taps.

Have your own equipment

There's usually something you forget when heading off on a caravan holiday and more often than not you can borrow it from the people pitched up next to you. But a good way to stop the spread of coronavirus is to avoid bringing anything in from other vans. So, check and double check that you have everything from a can opener to wheel chocks before you set off.

Provide your own facilities

While caravan sites hope to open to visitors soon, there's yet more doubt over whether facilities like shower blocks and restaurants will be allowed to reopen alongside them. If this is the case, you can expect to do more cooking inside your caravan and will need to find your own ways to have a wash. If you're thinking about buying a new motorhome, it's worth considering the need to be more self-contained and if not, it could be time to update any rudimental facilities in your existing van.

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