Owner of custom jet engine camper inundated with offers to sell

A jet engine was turned into a camper
A jet engine was turned into a camper

Thursday, 29, Oct 2020 09:03

By Emma Dodd

A former Royal Air Force technician who converted an engine shell from a decommissioned VC10 jet plane into a touring camper has been inundated with offers to sell it.

Steve Jones from Lancashire was featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces earlier this year with the project and has seen attempts to buy the unique trailer flooding in ever since.

The highest bid so far for the camper, which cost him £4,000 to renovate, has been £25,000, reports Insider.

Mr Jones has no intention of selling the trailer at present, but may reconsider further down the line, once his family have had some use out of it.

The VC10 Caravan Pod is 13 feet long, features a mini kitchen complete with twin burners, and a dining area that transforms into sleeping quarters.

It has been so cleverly engineered, there's enough room for four people to spend a night - two in a double bed and another two in single bunks.

The pod doesn't feel cramped, however, as Mr Jones has fitted a skylight, so the occupants get plenty of light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

He flattened the bottom of the engine's distinctive curve so that it would fit comfortably on a chassis and could be towed to whichever location the family wished to camp at.

While it is certainly among the most unusual camper conversions, it's by no means the only one that has allowed its owner to realise their dream of a quirky home on wheels.

In recent years, we've seen everything from Minis and tuk tuks to ambulances and school buses being overhauled for family holidays.

It seems the country's appetite for unusual campers has only grown throughout lockdown, with even more people deciding to take on their own restoration projects.

Meanwhile, Mr Jones has already moved onto his next conversion. We're intrigued to know what direction he might be taking this time...

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