Times they are a-changin': Caravans have come a long way in 70 years

Tuesday, 24, Mar 2020 04:08

By Chris Littley

It's not so long ago that the typical caravan experience consisted of not much more than sipping a cup of tea while sitting on fold-out furniture, using basic appliances and it wasn't that much of a step up from camping.

Today, however, camping and caravanning has seen a huge boost in popularity and, in many ways, this surge in interest can largely be put down to the breadth of facilities that now come as standard in any modern caravan.

Over the last 70 years, Yorkshire-based static caravan specialist Willerby has seen it all. Now, the company has come forward with a look back over the evolution of the caravanning experience since its launch in 1946.

In the very earliest days of caravanning there were none of the mod cons that many enthusiasts take for granted these days. As we alluded to earlier, many of these vehicles were extremely basic; fold-out beds and furniture were commonplace, poor insulation, cramped spaces and a lack of electricals all meant that while a caravan getaway was sure to delight with spectacular scenery, the living conditions often left much to be desired.

However, with the rise in leisure time for the typical family and with more disposable income to spend, it wasn't long before big changes were afoot.

Fast forward to today and the moden caravan is packed full of all the latest gadgets, appliances and modern conveniences that make all the difference for holidaymakers.

Indeed, Kirsten Bolton, marketing director at Willerby, told the Mirror: "Long gone are the days of old-fashioned, lacklustre static caravans; today, we are producing beautiful, luxury holiday homes which appeal to a range of holiday goers."

Today's modern caravans are often seen as a home away from home. They have everything the modern holidaymaker needs to enjoy a comfortable break, from spacious living areas and proper furniture to smart TVs on the walls, full internet connectivity, and double-glazed windows.

So, it's fair to say there's been plenty of changes in the more than seven decades since Willerby began building its luxury caravans. We'd love to know what you think is the best thing about your caravan.

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