When do caravan parks expect to reopen?

When will caravan parks reopen?
When will caravan parks reopen?

Wednesday, 10, Feb 2021 01:22

By Emma Dodd

Despite the uncertainty surrounding holidays caused by the pandemic, caravan parks need to make some tentative plans in order to be ready to reopen when it's allowed.

With this in mind, some of the UK's biggest holiday park operators have announced preliminary dates to start welcoming back visitors.

Of course, these are subject to change, depending on government guidelines, but they represent a glimmer of hope for caravan lovers everywhere.

Haven closed its holiday parks before the end of the 2020 season as coronavirus cases started to rise and the government advised against any non-essential travel.

It's hoping to see families and other holidaymakers back on its 40 sites around the British coastline in March.

Hoseasons, which operates more than 600 parks, is looking to reopen as soon as possible, which means different dates for England, Scotland and Wales.

In England, that won't be before March 8th, whilst Scotland will remain closed until at least March 1st, but Wales could invite tourists back as early as February 19th.

Butlins has abandoned its intentions to invite guests back on February 28th, pushing the expected date to March 14th.

Away Resorts would like to see families at its seven parks during the February half term, but as this draws nearer and there's no further information from the government, that looks unlikely.

Pontins has made a statement suggesting it's expecting to reopen its six holiday parks at the end of March.

Parkdean Resorts has not announced a reopening date for its 67 parks, but is accepting bookings for the Easter holidays.

Park Holidays closed its 33 sites in November and December, but is taking bookings for March 5th and beyond.

It has held off releasing a formal date to welcome back caravanners, but is readying its parks for visitors.

Park Leisure closed its doors to holidaymakers in Wales on December 19th and in England on January 5th and will reopen as soon as it's allowed to do so.

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