A guide to doing Glastonbury festival in a motorhome

More than 100,000 people will attend Glastonbury
More than 100,000 people will attend Glastonbury

Monday, 16, Jun 2014 11:12

by Laura Hastings

Making the decision to enjoy the festival with all the home comforts of a comfy bed, hot shower, flushing toilet and refrigerated beer; this will be one you won't regret as you encounter tens of thousands of motorhome-less un-washed campers across the long weekend

Whether you've decided to hire a motorhome especially for the festival, or you're taking your own rig - there are a few things to get organised over the next few days in the run up to the festival.

If you're bringing your own rig to Glastonbury, there are a few things you need to know;

To park in the campervan field, you'll need an additional ticket (the field you've chosen should be indicated on the ticket and you should follow this route). These cost £85 and should be booked in advance. If you haven't got one, don't panic - just call the festival help line and buy one before you go. Also - everyone staying in the campervan fields must have a weekend festival ticket.

Please note that if your vehicle is longer than eight metres, you will have to purchase a second ticket.

There is no electricity supplied and generators are not allowed on site, so you'll need to rely on your leisure battery; find out how long your vehicle battery lasts between charges so you know its limit. Charging whilst stationary can be expensive and harmful to the environment so avoid this where you can, but in situations like this it might be the only option. If you want to make your leisure battery last longer, think about using solar trickle chargers as a great environmentally-friendly way to top up on power. Also make sure you've got plenty of fuel before entering the site so you can keep running your engine to charge your battery!

There are also no gas hook-ups on the site and your personal supply must be self-contained within the vehicle - consider bringing a spare gas canister.

There is access to waste-water containers which must be disposed of properly; don't empty onto the grass - make sure you've got a couple of large buckets to drain into. There is also, of course, a fresh water supply - don't forget to take a water roller barrel with you.

Awnings are acceptable, and in fact encouraged, so that you can sit outside, soak up the atmosphere, and socialise with other festival-goers. Don't let yourself be cooped up inside the vehicle for the whole day! You are at Glastonbury after all.

If you've got friends coming to meet you separately who want access to the campervan field, they can do this - however they have to walk into the campsite rather than arrive by vehicle. Those with tents can also camp behind motorhomes or cars where permitted. Fire marshals will be on site to advise on where to camp and park.

For all your other burning motorhome camping questions, you should be able to find your answers on the official Glastonbury site

With over 30 years experience, Emm-Bee can offer expert advice on all things motorhome and are specialist dealers in Burstner and Bailey motorhomes.

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