64% of Brits considering a UK holiday in 2021

A significant number of us are considering a UK staycation once coronavirus is under control
A significant number of us are considering a UK staycation once coronavirus is under control

Wednesday, 06, May 2020 12:04

By Chris Littley

Some 64 per cent of the population are planning to take trips in the UK next year.

Research carried out on behalf of the National Caravan Council (NCC) found that the intention to holiday at home in 2021 has gone up significantly compared to the 38 per cent with similar plans before the current pandemic.

Further to these findings, the NCC was told by 70 per cent of people that they thought a UK-based caravan break would be socially acceptable in the months immediately after the lockdown is lifted.

A random sample of 2,050 people were asked their opinions in the survey, which was conducted by the British Polling Council Populus between April 22nd and 23rd, reports the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal.

John Lally, director general of the NCC told the news provider: "This insight is great news for our industry. Our holiday parks benefit from rural and coastal locations, away from densely populated urban areas."

Opinion about travelling outside of the UK seems to have changed, with just 42 per cent of those who were intending to visit Europe before the end of December 2020 now intending to do so.

While it is not yet known when the restrictions will be lifted, there's a good chance that freedoms will come back in a phased manner and many people will be weary of crowded places.

Mr Lally added: "Units are usually located a minimum of five metres away from each other and enjoy their own services and facilities, which allows caravanners in their tourers, motorhomes or holiday caravans to be independent.

"Each one is separate with no shared doors or communal access areas. So, they are more suited to social distancing than many other types of holiday accommodation."

What are your thoughts about taking your caravan on a UK break or further afield after lockdown? Do let us know in the comments.

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