Glamping: Four Weddings and a Yurt

The modern yurts are based on the original Mongolian design
The modern yurts are based on the original Mongolian design

Friday, 17, Mar 2017 05:19

by Daniel Cartwright

In our second glamping feature of 2017 we look in more detail at glamping in yurts. That's right, for those of you that haven't heard about about yurt glamping, its real. Pre-erected and often stationary circular tents that people can stay in.

The modern yurts are based on the original Mongolian idea but more modern (often plastic) materials are used for the tent's exterior, rather than the traditional yak skin (if you have yak skin yurts, then good for you and you don't need to let us know) and the floor is typically a detached floor. Sizes range from the small single bed variety to the huge dormitory multiple bunk bed size, but most I have seen are the size of a good double bedroom.

It is at this part in the article that I must hold up my hand about impartiality - I don't own a yurt, a yurt company or a yurt farm, but I did spend my wedding night in a yurt, and I cannot help but assign some (maybe unwarranted) romance to this type of glamping.

So practicals - are they warm? Yes, assuming they are built correctly. Are they dry? yes assuming they are built correctly that is really all you can say about yurts as a whole, the real romance comes from there interior decoration and location. Yurts are typically a shell and large open plan space so the interior decoration is key, throw in a few carpets, fur rugs and mood lighting and they are wonderful. Likewise location because these tents can be cheaper than building a permanent structure - they suit the small out of the way little sites.

If you've never tried it, do. Millions of people over centuries can't be wrong! Do be aware for all the newbies out there that most yurts don't come with indoor plumbing.

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