Adria 2020 Product Launch And New Lightweight Vans

We take a look at the new 2020 stock
We take a look at the new 2020 stock

Monday, 15, Jul 2019 03:30

By William Coleman

Over the next few weeks all the major leisure vehicle manufacturers will be showing off their new 2020 stock at exclusive product launches across the UK where press, dealers and industry leaders get to have a sneak peak. One of the season's first was the Adria launch which took place on the 4th of July and here's what's new from the Solvenian manufacturers.

This year's most significant changes to Adria's range are in their lightweight Altea range. Come the new season the Altea will have an entirely new shape and will feature an increased payload margin in the family models.

Following an English theme the vans will be named after English rivers. The 4 new models will be named the Aire, Dart, Avon and Tyne.

Another large change coming from the launch was the introduction of a twin-axle model into the flagship Alpina range. This marks the first time that a twin axle has been added the Alpina range.

A Very English Van

The new Altea caravans come with quite a few customisation options so you can make yours stand out from any other caravan on site.

The Aire model is 2 berth option featuring a large full width shower and toilet with the kitchen being positioned on the offside of the van which really optimises the interior space.

Replacing the Severn model is the all new Altea Avon which will feature 6 berth options which are made up of fixed beds and bunks. This van comes with a longer body to create more space and has a rear family room.

The Dart model has a rear island bed layout with wardrobes on either side of the bed. In this layout you will find the toilet and shower in the centre with a separate toilet and wash basin. One aspect I am quite fond of is the U-shaped lounge seating that wraps the entire front end. I have always found a U-shaped lounge a lot better for socialising and hosting.

Now for the all new twin bed layout in the Altea Tyne. This van has a full rear shower room that offers a very spacious area for washing and drying privately away from the rest of the caravan.

On board air and heating is provided by Truma and as always features speakers, Bluetooth, plugs and USB ports for all your gadgets.

You will have to wait for the official weights of each van as they were not available at the time of reporting. We do have some early word of what they are expected to be upon market release. The MTPLM should be; Altea Aire 1,300kg; AlteaTyne 1,500kg; Altea Avon 1,500kg and Altea Dart 1,500kg. Again, these are not set in stone.

Now For The US Named Vans

The newest addition to already quite impressive Adria line up is the twin axle Colorado. Newly featured on board will be headrests at the two front corners of the van as well as Alde heating. If you like stocking up on the road you can take full advantage of the 167 litre fridge.

If you are looking for a single axle island bed then look no further than the Mississippi which also has a full width rear shower room.

Adria's Alpina range is their 8ft caravan so you really are getting a heck of a lot of space to live in for your buck. I know a lot of people are not keen on wider vans but having spent some time in them I could see a lot of people converting should they give it a try.

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