An Exclusive Look At The Bailey Unicorn Black Edition

The new Black Edition is here
The new Black Edition is here

Friday, 23, Aug 2019 01:47

By William Coleman

Bailey Of Bristol will be rolling out all of their new 2020 stock within the next few weeks. Just ahead of the new motorhomes and caravans hitting the market I travelled to the Bailey Factory to have an exclusive and in depth look into their all new Unicorn Black Edition.

The Black Edition is not a re brand or a totally new van but more of a limited special edition, which does actually have a few differences which I would certainly call special.

The range will have seven of Bailey's most popular layouts from the existing Unicorn range for you to choose from. It is worth noting that Bailey will be discontinuing the Unicorn Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and the Segovia for their 2020 model year. Will the some of the Black Edition take their place moving forward? I guess time will tell on that one.

The range will be made up of both twin and single axl models and will feature an upgraded look and feel to provide a stylish living space as well as an eye catching exterior detail.

Range Breakdown

Unicorn Merida- Single axle, 2 berth model with an end washroom

Unicorn Valencia- Single axle, 4 berth model with corner double bed and end washroom

Unicorn Vigo- Single axle, 4 berth model with transverse island double bed and end washroom

Unicorn Cadiz- Single axle, 4 berth model with twin bed and end washroom

Unicorn Cabrera- Single axle, 4 berth model with longitudinal double bed and centre washroom

Unicorn Cartagena- twin axle, 4 berth model with transverse island double bed and end washroom

Unicorn Pamplona- Twin axle, 4 berth model with longitudinal island double bed and centre washroom

At first glance the new Black Edition interior looks super smart. My first thought when I heard they were going with a darker colour scheme I was not hopeful it would actually work, I was wrong.

Historically dark interiors of any kind can make the space appear small, if not cramped. This is not the case on board the three models I spent the day with. It was more of a smart posh hotel feel than just black work tops and surfaces.

Throughout the range there have been quite a few changes, the simplest of which actually has the most positive impact to the interior. The colour schemes are different across pretty much surface every and fabric compared to non Black Edition models.

There is one new feature that really stood out to me which I think will make a world of difference to how comfortable the lounge area is. The sofas in the lounge features a new knee roll which is one of the best things I have seen added to a lounge area in quite some time. I cannot stress enough how much this helped with my posture when sitting and overall comfort. So simple yet so effective. Next time you get a chance to see one of these vans I urge you to take a seat and give it a test.

There are several other new key features to the Unicorn to make it stand out from its brothers and sisters;

  • Curved locker doors
  • Soft close locker door hinges
  • Round kitchen sink with concealed fixing- no screw heads visible which actually looks really sleek and modern
  • Wood and chrome strip finishes to lower kitchen lock doors
  • New upholstery construction including a knee roll and conventional one piece backrest
  • Revised locker front covers
  • New optional upholstery scheme

The exterior has had a few touch ups too. The colour scheme of the decals are darker to match the inside and Bailey have added new graphite alloy wheels to each of the caravans.

The small little change to hide the screw heads in the sink really adds to the overall feel of the van. It just feels slick and cool, as if James Bond had a caravan almost.

In the kitchen you will find a totally original splashback with chrome detailing with the Bailey 'Eucalyptus' finish on the cabinet doors.

A bit more about the lounge area. These new models will feature a new construction seating in the front lounge. These will come in a choice of different fabrics. You can choose from the standard Brompton or pay a little extra for the Alperton option.

There is also more space in the kitchen to work with, which is a plus for me as I need my space when doing food prep and cooking.

Bailey's Managing Director Nick Howard has said, "The introduction of the Black Edition brings an additional level of refinement to our best selling Unicorn range."

"Enhanced styling inside and out gives this perennial favourite a fresh new look, which combined with an already comprehensive specification, accessible unladen weights and a competitive retail price make it an extremely attractive proposition for the discerning caravan owner."

To see our Bailey Black Edition photo gallery Click Here.

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