Elddis 2020 Caravan Ranges- What To Expect

We take a look into the upcoming models and new additions
We take a look into the upcoming models and new additions

Friday, 16, Aug 2019 11:47

By William Coleman

A few weeks back we were invited to Durham to have an exclusive sneak peek at the new line up for the Elddis, Compass, Xlpore and Buccaneer ranges for 2020.

Elddis have one of the biggest portfolios in the UK and each year they add caravans, motorhomes and new features to all of their existing models to keep their products fresh and interesting. How have they done that this year?

Xplore 2020

Here in the Elddis entry range there has been quite a few changes from last year's models. There are no new layouts this time round but the inside of all four models have had quite a lot of attention paid to them.

The range will feature improved kitchen locker door design, new graphic scheme, improved wardrobe tape and new Anthracite weathered metal effect laminate to the living area and bedrooms.

The 4 single axle models come with very different layouts, quite a lot to choose from considering this is supposed to their entry level.

One option offers an island bed, another offers an L-Shaped lounge and then another with a make up bed and 2 seat dining area opposite the kitchenette. So there really is a lot of choice with the Xplore.

Elddis 2020

In the Elddis Avante range you will see the new single axle 454 layout that features an L-Shaped lounge transverse island bed. The well spaced layout has the kitchen and washroom in the centre over the axle.

Across the entire range there has been quite a lot of new and upgraded additions. In the Avante models you will see the Whale Next Generation heating system, 'Elddis CompleteHeat' and the inside furnishings will feature a totally new 'Juniper' upholstery scheme.

The second new layout in the Elddis line up is in the Affinity range, the Affinity 520. This is another single axle four berth van that has a full size walk in shower washroom at the rear and a central kitchen. On board you will find new taupe grey laminates to all areas and outside will feature the all new Whale Chariot sockets.

The 2020 Crusader range has a very long list of new onboard additions, but again no new layout for this season.

All 5 models in this twin axle range will feature all the new bells and whistles such as the new Whale exterior sockets and and new graphics scheme. But there is so much more than that in this luxury caravan.

The Crusader have the new LED lighting concept throughout the entire range, including low level bedroom strip lighting, in selected layouts.

The kitchen features the new Dometic Midi Heki and new kitchen door lockers with concealed catches. There will also be the new Pearlescent colour splashback in each model. Not stopping there with the kitchen upgrades Elddis has added new Acrylic edging on the worktops and improved the kitchen locker doors.

Compass 2020

This year there are two new additions to the Compass Castia range, the new Castia 454 layout and the Castia 868 with is an 8ft model, bringing the total number of 7 vans to the range.

This van also features all the upgrades of the other models in this years line up but has a new 'Tweed' sheet material coordinate.

The Camino range features two single and two twin axle models, 3 of which feature island beds with the fourth feature a make up bed and two singles.

Buccaneer 2020

The 8ft caravan comes with 5 different layout models to choose from which are all built on the ALKO Chassis, feature the Alde 3030 combi boiler with pump and the Alde underfloor heating.

Another great addition to this larger tourer is the E&P LevelSystem Automatic Self Levelling. It just makes life that much easier.

There has been a redesign of the Skyview lighting which has now been switched to top locker lighting and the removal of two tier worktops in the kitchen.

There are a staggering 40 vans within this year's launch, and that does not include the motorhome line up. You have a wide choice of 24 single axle vans and 16 twin. All of which come with a 10 year water ingress warranty.

If you want to have a good look at these premium caravans you can get an exclusive preview at Elddis 2020 Season Preview And Factory Open Weekend next month.

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