The Leisure Industry War On Plastic

Are we harming our enviroment
Are we harming our enviroment

Wednesday, 04, Sep 2019 03:34

By William Coleman

All across the world the impact of mankind's carbon footprint is being seen, devastatingly so in some cases. But it seems that right here in the UK we are actually doing our best to change the dangerous path we are on, and this is clearly demonstrated in our leisure industry.

Over the past 3 years we have seen global events that have been directly linked to the changing our planet's climate that has reshaped millions of lives. In reaction to this holiday sites and other leisure companies all across the UK are doing their best to change the future.

I've heard people snigger at sites removing plastic straws or introducing strict waste and recycling policies for their guests, but these are the steps we should be taking as responsible holiday makers and site owners.

We all know how much waste we produce when we going away in our leisure vehicles, and some of us tend to leave where they stay, which makes my blood boil. I have actually seen families banned from sites due to the amount of waste they create and leave.

There is an argument that those of us towing caravans and driving diesel engine motorhomes are actually quite a large contributor. In actual fact the emissions have significantly reduced over the past 8 years due to the introduction of low emission vehicles that are powerful enough to tow. But there has yet to be a carbon friendlier motorhome engine, so people can point their fingers there if they like.

How can we help the planet other than stopping the leisure industry all together? With these tips, which I am sure you probably already implemented, we can help fight the good fight and keep the planet healthy for future generations of caravan lovers.

Make The Plastic Go Further

I used to get mocked for always carrying around a water bottle at my old office. As a company we would go through hundreds of little plastic cups each week because of our water cooler. Now it seems as though everyone owns several in a bid to save cash and the use of one use plastics.

Reusable water bottles are making a massive dent on the amount of plastic we go through and the waste we produce. Despite our best efforts there are still tens of thousands of people who buy soft drink after soft drink with the containers usually finding their way onto the floor or into the oceans.

This is an enormous issue in itself as it is killing off lots of wildlife which then have a chain effect on the entire sea life structure.

So refuse as much plastic as you can to cut down on how much is actually produced.

Be Careful What You Buy

At first glance it seemed like a step in the right direction for charge 5p for plastic bags, but then it went up to 10p out of nowhere and then companies started to charge 10p for paper bags! Yes Boot I am talking about you.

Co-Op on the other hand have made a very big change. Yes, their bags are 10p but they are biodegradable and double up as food waste bags that go into specific bins provided by certain councils. That for me is well worth the 10p.

Keeping with shops, especially food shops, you would be shocked to know just how little of the plastics we use are actually recyclable. I used to think any and all plastic could go into a recycle bin, how wrong I was.

I now go out of my way to try and buy as little non recyclable packaging as possible, not an easy task. Especially when you are packing food for a week away.

So if you are in the lifestyle of making an effort to take a little bit more time and see if there is an alternative product with packaging that won't be sent to the sea or a landfill.

Pick The Right Site

Like in all walks of life there are some people who are a bit more forward thinking than others. Some sites are doing all they can to help their local wildlife and green areas. They are planting tons of trees and making natural habitats for local wildlife to live safe and sound away from humans.

When picking your next holiday have a look to see what they are doing to help the planet. I think you'll find that there are a lot of companies doing a hell of a lot of work.

Stay Local Eat Local

I know it is called touring but I think there are ways we can reduce the ground we cover by staying local or making the most out of the areas you choose to stay.

On a positive note you will both boost the local economy and reduce your fuel spend.

Get Active

There are two things we all have that we can use that will both reduce the amount of fuel we burn and help you live longer, your feet.

Walking is one of the easiest and best exercises you can do, and it is so easy to do. By walking you will burn calories not fossil fuels.

This also links to the above point we made about staying local. If you stay at a site that is surrounded by shops, parks, attractions, pubs and restaurants then you can leave the car and enjoy a nice evening walk. What better way to spend an evening.

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