The Perks Of Renting A Caravan

Rentals a van and book a pitch
Rentals a van and book a pitch

Friday, 23, Aug 2019 11:04

By William Coleman

Rentals have very much carved their on slice into the market and the slice is getting bigger and bigger as each year passes. Why are rentals becoming such a popular option and will this have a positive or negative impact on the industry?

A lot of major companies, such as The Caravan and Motorhome Club, have seen the kind of business rentals can produce and have introduced their own rental brands which are doing very well.

With companies all across the UK introducing glamping and other forms of outdoor static accommodation it is bringing a lot of new tourism to the industry.

Some have asked will this larger rise in rentals actually hurt caravan and motorhome sales numbers. Having seen the high demand and new innovations manufacturers are coming up with I do not think dealers have much to worry about moving forward.

Booking a weekend in a yurt is no different to using a rental platform for a caravan or motorhome; you stay on the same site, use the same facilities and take part in the same local activities and attractions. So all in all I think it is very safe to say that UK holiday based rentals are very much all round positives.

So why has renting a motorhome or caravan for a week become so popular?

The Try Before You Buy Aspect

We've all been there in some way or another, you try to introduce a friend to the caravan holiday only for them to have a bit of a miserable time and not really appreciate this holiday type. Now imagine you've just put your deposit down on a brand new twin axle and raided every accessory store to get ready for your voyage, only to find out when it is too late it is not really for you. More common than you'd think, if you can believe that.

There is also the perk of actually testing out a specific model or brand. Are you an Elddis fan, Coachman or perhaps Bailey. Going on a few trips can ultimately help you make your final purchase decision. One thing I wish I had done quite a few times when looking at what my next car was going to be.

New Potential Buyers

Have you ever visited a family members house and seen their new TV or even something as small as a toaster and kettle set and thought 'I want that at my house?'. A caravan is no different, and is how I pretty much go into the lifestyle.

Growing up I was staunch static caravanner and never thought I would ever come away from it, especially when it came to a touring caravan. But as soon as I went on a few trips with friends that swore by the caravan I was pretty much converted.

With so many couples and families opting for a caravan staycation this has lead directly to the sales increased for caravans, motorhomes, campers and a slight spike in trailer tents.

If more vans are being bought this will lead to more site bookings and ultimately a lot more tourist spend, with a huge economy boost.

Giving Your Van A Rest

A lot of us buy a caravan as a long term investment/holiday accommodation so we want to make sure we get a good amount of usage out of it. But as we all know, the more we use it the more inevitable wear and tear we will build up.

The next time you plan to go away it may end up costing more to repair things than it does to find a newer model to rent for the weekend.

You never know this may just lead you to trading up for a new van.

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