Top Tips On Enjoying The Great Outdoors Without Bringing The Mess Inside

Take some tips on how to keep it clean on tour
Take some tips on how to keep it clean on tour

Friday, 29, Mar 2019 12:18

By William Coleman

The one thing that I cannot stand is a dirty caravan or towcar, which means a lot of upkeep. As the nation are going away a lot, and now, even more in the colder wetter months the chance of bringing dirty and mud into the van is more than likely. So what are the best ways to keep on top of all the mess?

If you enjoy venturing out on long walks, discovering hidden nooks and drinking in the many stunning locations that the UK has to offer, a caravan provides the perfect base for your adventures. And whether you're pitched up or touring, there's no better way to explore the Great British countryside and coast.

Muddy hikes and sandy strolls go hand in hand with caravanning. Being that bit closer to nature makes the great outdoors feel much more accessible, yet the comfort and luxury that a warm, dry caravan offers after a long trek ensures that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The only downside to embarking on outdoor adventures when caravanning is the mess that invariably finds its way inside-especially if children and dogs are involved in the fun. Muddy boots, wet coats and sandy beach toys can quickly clutter up even the largest caravan, not to mention transfer dirt to carpets and upholstery.

The best way to prevent your living space turning into a makeshift boot room-complete with the aroma of soggy wellies-is to keep any damp or dirty outdoor equipment out of the caravan altogether.

Obviously it isn't always practical to leave the offending items outside so the ideal solution is to store them in the car. But this risks dirtying the car too. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening.

Here are our top five tips for avoiding mess in both your caravan and car:

1. Enforce a strict no-shoes policy for inside your caravan. Keep a basket of slippers and slip-on outside shoes by the door for quick footwear changes when nipping in and out.

2. Fit a wipe-clean boot liner in your car boot. This will instantly protect the car's interior from any dirty outdoor equipment and let you use your car as a valuable storage area.

3. When out and about, keep a boot scraper in the car and use it to remove as much dirt as possible from your footwear before you get in.

4. Have a stash of old towels handy in the car to dry off pets and children before returning to the caravan.

5. Invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner and dustpan and brush to tackle dirt immediately. Deal with any mud, stains or spillages as soon as they happen so they don't become ingrained in carpeting or upholstery.

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