Using The Camplify Platform

Get get to grips with the rental market
Get get to grips with the rental market

Wednesday, 10, Jul 2019 11:25

By William Coleman

It's quite clear that the rental market for leisure vehicles is carving its own section into industry and is becoming more and more popular each year. We decided to give the rental platform a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Before I start to break down the Camplify platform and how it works I want to touch on some of the reasons why, I think, the rentals are a good idea and why its picking up so much momentum.

As we all know too well entering the caravan or motorhome world does come with a bit of premium. So it is no wonder why in this day an age a lot of younger people do not have the capital to initially shell out on a caravan or motorhome of their own. This is actually very understandable what with current cost of living and home rental prices being what they are.

This hightended cost of living has not deterred the younger generation from taking to the sites across the UK in seek of the caravan holiday experience. Although glamping has become popular the majority of people want to real leisure vehicle experience that comes with a camper, motorhome or caravan.

Being able to rent has afforded a lot of newcomers to the industry that may have thought they had been "priced out" therefore unable to get involved. The rentals have done several things over the last 3 years; bring new blood to the industry, boost the tourism economy and introduce a lot of new try before you buy customers who go on to become owners. All 3 are winning factors from where I'm sitting.

What is Camplify

I have reported on this Camplify before and even brought you some video interviews from the NEC super shows in October and February, so you may have an idea of what the service provides.

For those who do not know who they are, or what they do let me give you a very quick refresher. Camplify are a peer to peer leisure vehicle rental service, it is quite a simple platform. You list your vehicle for free and then Camplify matches it to a renter. All you have to do is sit back and watch the bank account top up.

At first I could see why a lot of owners would not want to list on the platform for fear of damage or renting to undesirables. Fear not as Camplify fully vet both renters and owners to ensure everyone can live in harmony.

Navigating The Site

I used the platform as a "renter" and created a profile where you fill in your details so you can be matched with an "owner" who will have a leisure vehicle that suits your specific needs. This really does help you navigate through the best choices available to you.

Once you have filled in everything you then start the selection process to find the ideal holiday vehicle. Of which you can currently choose from caravans, motorhomes, campers, trailer tents, static caravans and lodges.

So there are sections for those who do own vans that may want to try some glamping or spend a week in a static with their feet up.

The site's listings are very clear and there is not too much jargon bogging down each listing. Each van has its own full profile detailing everything you need from price per night all the way to what will be included in the van upon delivery or collection.

Choosing The Van

Like all things in life the more you know about what you want the easier it is to narrow down the search for what you want. I knew I needed a large 6 berth that had enough space for people, kit and space for everyone to relax in the evening after a rather long day of filming.

After some scrolling I came upon a listing by the same of "The Full Monty". A large berth Roller Team 707, Fiat Ducato 2.3 150bhp Automatic. I had never driven an automatic motorhome before so I was very keen on giving it a go. Very different and maybe not something I would buy but it was fun to not have so many gear changes, especially in traffic around town.

So based on our very specific needs we had quite the shortlist to choose from which made picking the right one a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Collecting The Van

Each listing on the Camplify website states whether or not the van can be dropped off on site or if you have to collect from the owner. Thankfully this motorhome was not very far from the site we chose to stay at.

We were sent the details of the owner and a time from when we can collect, it all really was very simple.

Once we arrived to collect the roller team we were given a walk through of the van, how it works, where things are and what extras have been included in the offering.

The van came fully kitted out with everything you need for a weekend, or even a week, away. From cutlery all the way to an espresso machines and a weeks worth of espresso capsules. Oh and a TV with DVD player and around 20 films to choose from.

The chap I rented from was very friendly and you could tell he was a touring enthusiast. After a brief chat about his dealings with the Camplify platform he squashed any concerns I had about insurance and damage caused renters. It seems as though Camplify really do take care of everything while you reap the benefits.

So if you have no touring kit you really would not have to worry. There were so many things on board that you probably will not have to use most of it.

The Final Verdict

Overall the process from start to finish was very easy. All you have to do it log on, create a profile, set up a search filter and then just like that you're only a couple clicks away from booking your next holiday.

Camplify have been dubbed "the AirBnb of the caravan world" and it really is easy to see why. This platform simplifies a lot of the issues found on other holiday booking services that pretty much alienate you from wanting to use them again.

Prices vary as much as what the van comes with so be sure to read each listening thoroughly to ensure you're not left short when on site.

We used the site as a renter and would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in a "staycation", even if you own a leisure vehicle. You can try something new and take the stress of your own van.

I would give this service two thumbs up and recommend creating a profile. If you want to book some time away then this is great, maybe try the converted the fire truck?

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