What Will Be The Next Big Tech Innovation?

We need a new wave of tech for the vans
We need a new wave of tech for the vans

Friday, 27, Dec 2019 11:52

By Wiliam Coleman

We have come a very long way over the past 100 years since we decided to hitch up a caravan and go on holiday. As far as we have come, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement. What will be the next big innovation in caravanning?

As complex as some caravans are nowadays I do wonder where else we can go. Is there anything left that can be added or changed that will actually change the way we caravan?

The areas that I think need attention are the audio and visual side of things. Yes you can connect your phone to car stereo on board and use the CD player but I think designers and manufacturers can do a lot better.

Or do we keep it simplistic for a reason? I have always been of the mind that the more things that a car/phone/cooker/fridge can do, the more things that can go wrong and ultimately. But if you look at the amount of things inside a caravan or motorhome, and there is a lot that can go wrong they seldom do. Well not without some kind of human intervention.

TV And Onboard Entertainment

After so many years I still wonder why the onboard TV/DVD/Blu-Ray features are still option extras. I know that getting out in the van is not really about sitting in front of the TV but it does have a place.

Yes, you can add these on when you're picking what van to get with what extras but I think that by now a TV should be added as standard. And why not throw in a built in DVD player?

There is an industry within the caravan world that makes its money adding dishes at onboard TVs but I truly do feel that it is time that these become as standard as 3 hob cooker.

With the audio side of things we are still using a car stereo, which I am sure does a fine job for a lot of people but can we not do better as we verge on 2020.

I am not saying we need iPads built into walls, although that would be good, but I think hiding the CD player up by the cupboards is of a bygone era.

Changing The Caravan

Would you like to see your normal caravan have expanding sides? Or perhaps BeauEr van that sides out and doubles in size?

Are these new wacky and wonderful new ideas going to catch on or are we just too stuck in our ways and traditions?

Whatever the future holds, I am sure the caravan world will be on the forefront of it.

What would you like to see added to vans in the future?

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