Bailey Orion: pictures, prices & layouts

Find out prices, weights and layouts the four new Bailey Orion caravans
Find out prices, weights and layouts the four new Bailey Orion caravans

Monday, 21, Feb 2011 06:10

by Holly Tribe

Introducing the new entry level range from Bailey Caravans. The Bailey Orion is the newest addition to Bailey's Alu-Tech family, bringing the total number of ranges built using this unique bodyshell construction system to four.

Click here to see a video interview and interior tour of the Bailey Orion

The Orion series is a departure from the existing Alu-Tech ranges with a curved rear end which creates a distinctive and aerodynamic profile. And, unlike its siblings the Olympus, Pegasus and Unicorn, the aluminium shell is coated with a GRP skin for added durability.

Inside we get the familiar 'walnut' veneer furnishings featured in both the Unicorn and newly released Pegasus Series II, complimented by a light, bright furnishing scheme with red accent scatter cushions.

From the outside, compact-looking exteriors belie the sense of space created in four well conceived layouts. See the below gallery for interior and exterior pictures of the new Bailey Orion series.

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Bailey Orion 400/2

There's a spacious front lounge, offside kitchen and a large rear end washroom make this a good option for couples.

  • Price: £11,995

  • MTPLM: 1,076kg
  • MRO: 959kg
  • Axle: single
  • Berth: 2
  • Overall width: 2.19
  • Internal height: 1.96m

Bailey Orion 430/4

The lighter of the two 4-berth caravans has a front end lounge, far side mid galley kitchen with a fixed double bed towards the rear and a full end washroom running the width of the caravan.

  • Price: £12,995
  • MTPLM: 1,247kg
  • MRO: 1,100kg
  • Axle: single
  • Berth: 4
  • Overall width: 2.19
  • Internal height: 1.96m

Bailey Orion 440/4

Flexible sleeping arrangements provide a combination of two double beds or one double and two singles with the same rear end washroom configuration seen in the 430-4.

  • Price: £12,995
  • MTPLM: 1,249kg
  • MRO: 1,102kg
  • Axle: single
  • Berth: 4
  • Overall width: 2.19
  • Internal height: 1.96m

Bailey Orion 450/5

A great layout for young families, there's a dedicated kid's room to the rear with triple bunks and an L-shaped diner separated from the front lounge/ sleeping area by a compact offside washroom and nearside kitchen.

  • Price: £12,995
  • MTPLM: 1,287kg
  • MRO: 1,130kg
  • Axle: single
  • Berth: 5
  • Overall width: 2.19
  • Internal height: 1.96m

Please be advised the method for calculating MRO and payload figures for the 2011 model year has changed. Click here for further information.

Comments - What do you think?
  • "I think that baileys have a winner with the Orion based on the design, towing weight, layouts and pricing.
    Just as long as the quality control and PDI are first class "

    bill simmonds (norfolk) Posted: 23/02/2011 10:44:59

  • "I like the Orion in fact I like Bailey Caravans. The only thing that lets them down are the very cheep and nasty cookers and tops. That's what has stopped me from purchasing a Bailey van sort out the cooker problem and I bet sales will rise."

    Edith McKinsley (Sauchie Alloa) Posted: 25/02/2011 19:09:14

  • "I find the caravans have not been well thought out. There is not much storage space. The kitchen is too compact. Getting 4 people in a caravan would be so uncomfortable."

    Justine brennan (barnsley, south yorkshire) Posted: 26/02/2011 04:26:20

  • "well no twin axle like the 620/6"

    william mccall (186216:United Kingdom) Posted: 26/02/2011 06:51:26

  • "why would any new caravan not have tables with legs at both ends, a cost saving I am sure, but for a few punds I would rather have a proper table"

    Steve (Cambridge) Posted: 01/03/2011 20:01:03

  • "Every time I look at a Bailey I see nice vans BUT no Electric Hot plate - We pay for electricity on site why oh why wont Baily follow Swift and put a hot plate on??? Nice vans but will never purchase one because of this one small thing!"

    Brian (Teesside) Posted: 23/03/2011 13:59:32

  • "The 2 berth might just tempt me away from my Eriba.
    Brian - check out single induction hobs from Aldi / Lidl, just the job for caravanning. "

    Terry (Blackwood) Posted: 04/04/2011 12:30:14

  • "Just put a deposit down on a 440/4 going up from a 96 sterling 450EB 2 berth, the 440 is big enough for two of us. Hope the QC checks are good along with the aftersales service, Fingers Crossed "

    Scott (Dorset) Posted: 10/04/2011 18:43:25

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