Bailey Pegasus Series II - pictures and layouts of new model from Bailey Caravans

This is the new look of the Bailey Pegasus Series II
This is the new look of the Bailey Pegasus Series II

Friday, 14, Jan 2011 05:35

Marcus Dubois and Holly Tribe

Bailey Caravans today unveiled the latest model in its Alu-Tech lineup, and the second generation of the caravan which started it all - meet the Bailey Pegasus Series II.

The second generation of Pegasus models will arrive in February 2011 and will be launched to the public at Boat and Caravan Show 2011 in the same month. Caravan Times was at the press launch of the new Pegasus and we'll take you through all the major changes and updates below.

When it was first launched two years ago the Pegasus was the pioneer of Bailey's new Alu-Tech construction. It was touted as a eventual replacement for the Senator model, yet some users failed to embrace the light woods and modern fabrics.

The Bailey Unicorn proved to be the answer to those Senator fans looking for luxury upholstery and fittings - and Bailey today confirmed that the model accounted for 85% of sales in 2010. The Bristol firm has clearly learned from what succeeded on the Unicorn when constructing the Pegasus.

Bailey Pegasus II: what's new

The new Bailey Pegasus Series II has received significant cosmetic updates to the exterior and interior. New protection has been added in the form of a front bumper made from reinforced ABS. Both this and the new gas locker are the same colour as the body panels.

The Pegasus II sports a new logo and exterior decals, with swirling lines around the sides of the exterior coloured in teal and navy.

The interior has changed significantly with the success of the Unicorn in mind. There are contrasting lockers in the kitchen area and lounge, all made from fine darker woods.

The model lineup is now identified by names rather than numbers: Ancona, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, and Verona. We understand that the 524 and the 646 have now been discontinued.

Most crucially Bailey has confirmed that the price of the Pegasus Series II has been cut by £1000 compared to the old model. This is a strategic move which creates a £2500 price difference between the Pegasus and the Unicorn.

Check back to Caravan Times soon for our first review of the Bailey Pegasus II

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Comments - What do you think?
  • "dont like the graphics...what a mess !!!"

    jon (york) Posted: 30/01/2011 17:59:47

  • "Hideous"

    steve (Bucks) Posted: 04/02/2011 19:50:24

  • "What another ugly front end from Bailey! Why cant they incorporate some kind of modern streamlined look to the front end. Alutech maybe good, but their front end designers want sacking! Look at Adria and other foreign caravans can do for a low tech front end! And I agree with Jon, whats with the front end frilly looking graphics?"

    James (Wirral) Posted: 04/02/2011 20:13:09

  • "Interior looks cheap and nasty which Im sure it isnt! Why dont they employ an interior designer?!!"

    jean (spain) Posted: 04/02/2011 20:49:06

  • "i would'nt say no....i would definitely give it room on mi drive."

    debbie (chesterfield) Posted: 07/02/2011 19:54:32

  • "I think that it is positive that Bailey are trying to 'upgrade' the caravan market.
    Hopefully they have listened to their customers and incorporated some changes from their original model."

    bill (norfolk) Posted: 23/02/2011 10:53:42

  • "just collected ours yesterday (26/02/11)it is fabulous, can't fault it. Comfortable, warm with lovely walnut finish. Looking forward to taking it out."

    chris (nort wales) Posted: 27/02/2011 19:00:40

  • "I think its looks alot better than the first Pegasus , so much so we pick ours up in april. cant wait to use it"

    dee (yorkshire) Posted: 10/03/2011 08:28:07

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