Pictures, prices and layouts: the Bailey Unicorn review

The Unicorn is the luxury model of the Alu-Tech range from Bailey
The Unicorn is the luxury model of the Alu-Tech range from Bailey

Thursday, 12, Aug 2010 11:51

by Marcus Dubois and Holly Tribe

Bailey Caravans has launched a premium model in their best-selling lineup of Alu-Tech vehicles. The Bailey Unicorn is the first "luxury" caravan from the Bristol manufacturer and supercedes the outgoing Senator model from what Bailey call the older "classic construction" range.

We took our first look at the Unicorn last month and encountered a markedly different type of caravan to its sister vehicles, the Bailey Pegasus and Olympus. The Unicorn shares the family looks in the front window arrangement and body shape, but sports striking new graphics in 3D resin to distinguish it from its siblings. The major changes however have been reserved for the interior, where Bailey aims to stake out new ground in the caravan marketplace.

The internal headroom of the tourer has been increased to 6'5" throughout, and there is a real sense of extra spaciousness. Every aspect of the caravan has been given premium materials, from the high gloss kitchen worktops to chrome fixtures and fittings. Customers used to the interior warmth of the recently retired Senator will love the traditional wood of the Unicorn with its Italian designed cabinets and doors.

Most notable is the introduction of the ALDE Compact 3010 Wet Central Heating System, which will come fitted as standard in both single and twin axle models. Distributing an even temperature throughout the caravan, it controls humidity and reduces the circulation of allergen particles. The heat is distributed through integrated radiators alongside a heated towel rail in the bathroom. Security features have also been upgraded - the TRACKER Monitor Stolen Caravan Recovery system will be offered subscription free for the first twelve months. A sophisticated movement sensor notifies TRACKER if the vehicle is illegally moved.

Yet beyond these major revisions, it was the smaller touches which stood out most of all. Appointments such as an incorporated linen basket in the bathroom or a clock by the kitchen may not seem like headline news, but they make the caravan feel like a proper "home from home". We were left with the feeling that with the Unicorn, Bailey is offering its customers a tourer that can be used all year round if so desired.

Watch our video feature on the Bailey Unicorn below:

Read on as we take you through the specifications and layouts of the Bailey Unicorn models

Unicorn Seville

Couples looking for the ultimate in luxury touring may find what they've been looking for in the entry level Seville. The front dinette converts into a spacious 6ft 8in x 4ft 8in double or two 6ft 3in x 2ft 2in singles. And a chest of drawers between the berths houses a slide out occasional table.

  • 2 berth Single axle
  • MTPLM 1433kg
  • MRO 1304kg
  • Internal length 4.90m
  • Internal headroom 1.96m
  • External width 2.28m
  • RRP £17,490

Unicorn Valencia

The mid range Valencia single axle caravan sleeps four comfortably and weighs in at almost three hundred kgs less than the twin axle model. A traditional wood interior, and large Heki rooflight above the bed give a solid yet airy finish and blue detailing on the neutral upholstery scheme gives a regal finish.

  • 4 berth Single axle
  • MTPLM 1409kg
  • MRO 1304kg
  • Internal length 4.90m
  • Internal headroom 1.96m
  • External width 2.28m
  • RRP £18,490

Unicorn Barcelona

Sitting at the top of the Unicorn range, the Barcelona offers the ultimate in touring luxury. A superbly kitted out end washroom adjoins the sleeping quarters with its own dressing area, leading through to the high spec kitchen and dining area. The ambient temperature is managed by the pioneering Alde central heating system.

  • 4 berth Twin axle
  • MTPLM 1756kg
  • MRO 1593kg
  • Internal length 4.90m
  • Internal headroom 1.96m
  • External width 2.28m
  • RRP £20,190

Below is our photo gallery from the launch of the Bailey Unicorn

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