Motorhome And Tow Car Pre-MOT Checks

Are you ready to get back on the road
Are you ready to get back on the road

Thursday, 10, Sep 2020 09:01

By William Coleman

There are a lot of sites staying open throughout the autumn and winter, and a lot more people are starting to leave the house for weekend trips and extended stays in their leisure vehicles. But is your motorhome or tow car ready for the road?

Many of us have had our motorhomes sidelined for a while now, but it's time to dust them off and carry out a few safety checks. While you're at it, you may as well have a look under the hood of your tow vehicles too.

The motoring experts at have looked at the quick checks people can carry out at home to give their vehicle the best chance of getting through its MOT.

Among the advice is checking lights, mirrors and the windscreen to make sure they're in good condition and in working order.

Other important checks include the tread on your tyres, oil and break fluid, and checking seats and seat belts for any damage.

They also suggest giving your vehicle a quick clean - a tester can refuse to carry out the MOT if it's too dirty or cluttered.

A spokesperson for said: "Your MOT takes place every year after your vehicle is three years old and is something you should never miss.

"Your vehicle can fail on a number of different issues, but there are some checks you can make pre-MOT to make sure it'll pass on all the little things.

"It's worth doing your own mini-inspection a couple of weeks before your MOT - this then gives you time to sort out any problems to give your vehicle the best chance of passing."

Here are's tips on the things to check before you take your car for its MOT.

Check Mirrors

Make sure all your mirrors are in place and check they're not cracked, impairing your view or exposing a damaged edge.

Warning Lights

If a warning light is showing on your dashboard before the MOT, get the problem sorted. If the tester turns on the ignition and a light shows you will fail your MOT.

Tyre Tread

Having the right tyre tread is essential for safety. You could face a fine and penalty points if tyres are below the required depth. 1.6mm is the legal minimum.

Lights working

Check all your lights are working to pass your MOT. If they're not, replace the bulbs ahead of the test. Remember to check headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard lights, fog lights, indicators and brake lights.

Seats and seat belts

Check the driver's seat can be adjusted and they're all securely fitted. Check seat belts for damage and pull them to make sure they react properly.

Test the horn

The easiest check you can do - if your horn doesn't work, get it fixed.

Check fluids

Make sure you check your oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid ahead of your MOT. Also make sure you have plenty of screen wash.


Check your windscreen for cracks. As long as a mark is not over 10 mm and not obstructing the driver's view, or on the driver's side, you should be fine. Elsewhere on the windscreen, the mark should be no larger than 40 mm.


Wipers must be able to clear the windscreen of rain and should be free of damage or tears. It will work out cheaper to replace them ahead of your MOT.

Give it a clean

A clean car will make no difference to whether you pass your MOT - although if it's full of clutter the tester can refuse to carry out the inspection. Do make sure number plates are clean and easy to read and lights are not dirty.

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