Roller Team Pegaso And The Edinburgh Marathon

Two firemen swap the hotel for the motorhome to run the Edinburgh Marathon
Two firemen swap the hotel for the motorhome to run the Edinburgh Marathon

Wednesday, 05, Jun 2019 11:37

By William Coleman

Recently some friends of CaravanTimes was curious about dipping their tow (see what I did there) into the world of the leisure vehicle. The reason being they wanted to drive to Edinburgh and take part in the Edinburgh Marathon all in the name of charity.

The friends in question are two firemen from London names James and Liam. When the pair aren't saving lives and tackling fires they are usually trying to keep in shape and do their part for charity.

The pair wanted to make the most out of their trip to Scotland and decided to turn it into more of a touring experience than a quick flight there and back. So how did the 2 first time leisure vehicle users do on their trip to Scotland?

The Pegaso Instead Of A Hotel With James & Liam

Can a motorhome really be a viable alternative to a hotel room when competing in a marathon? Two intrepid runners set off to Edinburgh in Rollerteam's budget friendly A class Pegaso 590 to find out.

Surely spending the weekend in a motorhome after running 26.2 miles is not something that anyone would be thrilled at the prospect of? My first impression of the Pegaso was that with its compact length, coming in at just 5.99 metres it was a pleasure to drive and manoeuvre around town.

The coach style mirrors are fantastic and made it incredibly easy to keep a check of what was happening around you. The inclusion of a rear view camera made reversing effortless. Inside the cab it felt much larger than the exterior dimensions would have you believe, and the living area was spacious and comfortable, belying its diminutive size.

Once on the road, the driving position, captain chairs and extra space in the cab made the miles to Edinburgh a pleasure. Taller drivers may find the leg room slightly lacking for the driver though.

Once we were on site, we made the two beds, one drop down double in the cab, and the other by rearranging cushions and the dining table. Once fully set up you have created another large double in the living area. The sleeping arrangements were far better than expected, maybe this wouldn't turn out to be such a bad idea after all?

The next morning, after a quick breakfast prepared in the compact, but practical kitchen, we set off on a rainy Scottish morning to run the Edinburgh marathon. After a successful, if a little wet and windy race for us both we soaked up the marathon atmosphere for a few hours in Edinburgh.

Somewhat weary, but freshly adorned with our hard earned medals we headed back to the campsite. This would now be the real test. Would it still be as comfortable as the previous evening with sore and aching bodies? Or would we wish that we had booked into a hotel with all the extra space and a bath?

Both of the Pegaso's two double beds were incredibly comfortable and even after miles of running offered a welcome place to spend the night. The level of comfort and convenience far surpassed our expectations of what we thought possible for an affordable motorhome.

It really was not only a viable alternative but actually a very comfortable and convenient choice over a hotel. Although it has to be mentioned that a bath wouldn't have gone a miss!

Seems Like A Success

Apert from giving the old knees a soak in a warm bath it seems like the pair had a winning weekend in the Pegaso.

The benefits of using a leisure vehicle for an activity like this are plentiful, a fridge full of food and drink at all times being the main one. Touring accommodation is quickly becoming the go to for weekend trips, especially for the young adventurers and thrill seekers out there.

Have any of you guys used caravans, campers or motorhomes to take part in a sporting event? And what do you think of guest posts like this? We feel quite inspired after reading it.

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