Alde Flow giveaway


Monday, 12, Oct 2020 04:56

By William Coleman

It may not be Christmas yet, but the team at Alde are feeling generous and are holding a special giveaway here on CaravanTimes. What do you need to do to win a brand new Alde Flow, supplied and fitted? Simply enter your details below.

We recently took a look at Alde's first-ever aftermarket fitting, which makes it a bit of a big deal, and now Alde is giving one away for free. Yes, free!

Alde, the Kings of Comfort, created the new Flow system to ensure that running out of warm water at shower time becomes a thing of the past. Now you, and the whole family, will not have to rush in the mornings and you won't be left with a teaspoon of hot water to wash with.

All you need to do to win this amazing prize is enter your details below and a winner will be selected on the day the competition closes, 19/10/2020.

One winner will be selected at random and then be contacted directly by Alde to arrange the fitting of the Alde Flow to their leisure vehicle.

Please note, you MUST already have an existing Alde Compact 3020HE fitted to your van to have this product. Without the 3020HE, the Alde Flow will not be compatible and cannot be won by you, there is no cash prize alternative.

The Alde Flow - warm water for longer

Alde Flow is an additional water heater that connects to the Alde Compact 3020HE, something you must have for this product to work. This new wonder gadget increases the surface area between the central heating and hot water. The water can be heated as it flows through the system without needing a large storage tank.

How it works

    Cold water is preheated in the Alde Flow and pumped on into the boiler's hot water heater.

    The preheated water is heated to about 65ºC by the boiler's high-efficiency gas burner/electric heater.

    In the thermostat mixer, hot water is mixed with cold water to a comfortable temperature for showering and hand washing.

    Benefits of an Alde Flow system

    Having more hot water is something that can make a world of difference in the mornings, if not for your entire trip. With a system like this, you will have an extra 3.5 litres of continuous hot water, which will be warmed to 40ºC, once mixed with cooler water.

    On top of that you also get all of this:

    • Compact solution directly connected to the boiler
    • Easily controlled via the Alde Control panel
    • Decreased waiting time
    • Longer showers
    • Also compatible with older Compact 3010/3020 (as extra hot water tank)

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