FEATURE: What to do this Christmas in your caravan

What could be better than Christmas in a caravan?
What could be better than Christmas in a caravan?

Friday, 20, Dec 2013 04:57

by Jake Polden

More and more caravan parks are staying open all year round, and what with Christmas less than a week away, we thought we'd provide those festive caravanning folk with an idea or two to make this year's Christmas one to remember.

As with everything, Christmas is what you make of it, and just because you are slightly confined to a smaller place, does not mean that you cannot enjoy the big day to its fullest.

In fact, we think that given the alternative experience you can have at a caravan park, those who have opted to stay at home may be tempted to reconsider next year.


For some, preparations can be one of the most enjoyable things about Christmas.

From destroying the interior of your car with a six foot tree, as you transport it home from the garden centre before assembling it in your tidy front room, to draping it in dusty decorations you spent all morning trying to dig out of the attic, it's great.

Jokes aside, the finished article and general aura of a tastefully Christmas-decorated living area, topped off with a roaring fire is a postcard photographers dream, and one that you can enjoy just as much in your caravan.

Yes your caravan is smaller than a house, but who's to say a tree, in its natural habitat and all, would not look just as good standing in your awning?

You can drape it with lights and festive decorations just like you would at home, and best of all, as it's outside, you won't be pulling rogue pine needles out of your Heritage rug come January.

Additionally, the inside and (as more of a novelty) the outside of your caravan can be decorated with bunting, tinsel and flashing lights - just be careful not to overdo it with the lights and create a fire hazard, or indeed give the neighbours the sensation they are sleeping in a cheap neon-lit motel.


Despite the size restrictions of a caravan, it can be a great abode for cosy Christmas activities.

From curling up of an evening with a glass of mulled wine, to sending and receiving cards without having to lick stamps (after all, your neighbours are just a few short steps away), Christmas in your caravan can be as social or as private as you want it be.

For those who want to emulate the kind of Christmas they would be having at home, shut the door, get the oven going, and make sure the flue is clear of any debris because let's face it, old St. Nick is going to have a hard time getting down it as it is.

And for those who wish to force their Christmas cheer on their neighbours, how about getting outside and speeding up the cooking process by BBQ-ing the not-so-succulent Christmas turkey?

By creating a feel-good vibe around your caravan, you can share drinks, food and fun with your family and friends and make this year's Christmas like no other.

Seasonal Caravan Club activities are also great for the social bunch who want out of the caravan after dinner, before the arguments start.

Posted on the Caravan Club website are ten of the best sites to visit over Christmas, and who knows, you may already be planning to stay at one of the really great ones.

From mulled wine and mince pies to carol singers on tap, not to mention nearby Christmas markets, many sites this year have gone above and beyond to provide you with the perfect feel-good atmosphere.

If you've got young kids and you're reading this thinking 'why are we not caravanning this Christmas?', then look into the Longleat Caravan Club Site for next year, which comes with a singing Christmas tree, a Santa train, and for the slightly older kids, an ice-skating rink.

For older groups, Durham Grange Caravan Club Site offers entertainment around the cathedral and castle, while Bridlington Caravan Club Site is showing a musical based on one of Charles Dickens' best-loved stories A Christmas Carol.

Location, location, location

If location is important to you during your summer holidays, then it probably will be in your winter break too.

And for us, it's something caravanning at Christmas definitely has over staying at home.

What could be better than waking up on a crisp December morning and going for a stroll through some icicle-laden wooded enclosure?

Okay, maybe that's a bit too poetic, but there are some truly beautiful places to visit in the UK and the magic of Christmas will indeed make them that little bit more special.

Castletown Caravan Club Site in Derbyshire offers panoramic views of the Peak District National Park, while Burrs Country Park Caravan Club Site in Lancashire provides much untouched countryside and a river that will no doubt showcase the frost in all its glory, at some point.

Similarly to holidaying in the summer, all of the above headings can be adapted around whatever it is you want from a two-week escape.

We recommend having a look around online, see which sites are new to the 'all-year-round' malarkey, and which ones are seasoned festive season pros.

So to all those who are caravanning over this winter period, then Merry Christmas from CaravanTimes, and have a wonderful time.

And to those who aren't, Merry Christmas to you too, but next year, get involved!

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