Why The Campsite Is The Best Way To Escape The Corona Hysteria

Get away from all the virus talk and relax
Get away from all the virus talk and relax

Monday, 16, Mar 2020 01:57

By William Coleman

Let's take a good look at why the campsite is the best place to go if you want to get away from all the hysteria and madness of this current Covid-19 situation. Space, fresh air, like minded people and a lot of open personal space, seems like the best best excuse to get away.

It seems as though there are two trains of thought when it comes to the corona issue, 1. It will be fine just relax and wash your hands. 2. Buy every single sheet of toilet paper known to man. But, there are some sensible soles out there who probably own caravans or motorhomes and should take this opportunity to take an extended "isolation" break.

On Friday, just after we were unfortunately informed that Morocco had closed their borders and ended the Bailey #SaharaChalenge, the question was asked "is a caravan site the best place to escape the corona outbreak?". And I think the answer has to be a strong yes.

In no way is this article making light of the situation but I want to help everyone, if I can, keep a cool head and not worry too much about what is happening. And if anything I hope that reading this will lead you to get away for a well deserved break. Why not turn this negative into a positive and support the touring industry and your local economy during a time of need.

If you look at most touring sites across the UK, especially the Caravan and Motorhome Club's CL Sites, they are off the beaten track and surrounded by woodland. It is in these locations that you'll find a low rate of human traffic and an abundance tranquility, two things that are sure fire ways to slow the spread of this nasty virus.

So, how are pitching rules the saviour of this situation?

Pitch Distancing

The caravan pitch seems as though it knew this was going to happen and has some built in safeguarding rules for a global event like this. Due to fire safety laws caravans, motorhomes or campervans have to be a minimum of 6 meters away from another when pitched.

This gives you the perfect situation to both enjoy your surroundings while keeping a safe distance from other people should you want to self isolate.

Once you are located a safe distance away from your neighbour you can also erect your awning, set up the BBQ and make your mobile house a home for an extended period of time.

Keeping A Clear Head

Over the years the link between the great outdoors and good mental health have gone hand in hand together. Mental and physical health are both equally important; they can affect each other in many different ways. So it is safe to say that keeping a healthy mind and body will benefit your life greatly.

As time goes on the taboo of talking about mental wellness is diminishing, but it is not fully gone, and I think this current global situation is going to have a lot of people feeling uneasy. In some cases some may even feel embarrassed about mentioning the fact they feel anxious about it.

So, first of all, never hide how you feel and now is the best time to voice concerns because stressing yourself out will make you unwell.

Secondly, fresh air will make you feel a lot better in both body and mind. Get your van, get some supplies and embrace to freedom you longed for when buying your dream touring home.

The fresh breeze, open air, woods, walks and most importantly the peace of mind knowing you're out in nature away from the hustle of bustle where all the stress is taking place.

Staying healthy is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself against illness, so get out there and get healthy.

The Perfect Self Contained Self Isolation

If you want to avoid coming into contact with this Covid-19 virus then the self containment in the caravan is the best way to do so, for many reasons.

The main one is the ease of maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Yes, caravans can be quite spacious but they are also quite small in comparison to static caravans and houses. It is this compact aspect that makes the cleaning so much easier.

Now, if a loved one does come down with corona you can make a decision, who stays in doors, who stays in the caravan. This is a much safer way to keep a close distance while still keeping an eye on another.

I would much rather be contained in a caravan where I have my own cooking and wash facilities than share in doors and risk passing it on to a family member.

Perfect For School Closure

We are not there yet, but if you look at the steps being taken across the world it shouldn't be too long before the schools close for a few weeks. This looks like it could cause issues with both child care and containing your children from going out and possibly coming into contact with something nasty.

If and when the schools close there will be a lot of children with not much to do, so why not, if you can, take them on a trip.

This is a good way to keep everyone sane as well as stopping the children from popping to town centers, bowling and cinemas where it is believed contact can happen.

On Site Out Of Mind

When I go away on a trip in the van I do my best to avoid social media, the news or any extended internet use. For me it defeats the object of getting away from it all. And now is the time where we need that the most.

At the moment everywhere you look is doom and gloom, from print to online media all you're shown is corona, corona, corona. So why not just switch off, relax and wait for the whole thing to blow over with a nice cup of tea and a few different cakes.

While onsite you can take full advantage of your surroundings and if you are lucky enough to find yourself near a local quiet high street you needn't go home for quite a while.

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