Why your caravan is your biggest home schooling asset

Turn the mobile home into a static classroom
Turn the mobile home into a static classroom

Tuesday, 05, Jan 2021 09:59

By Emma Dodd

With parents in England and Scotland having been told their children won't be going back to school until at least February, you'll be glad you have a caravan.

That leisure vehicle sitting on your drive represents the biggest asset you could possibly wish for when it comes to home schooling.

An extra room, separate from your house

The beauty of your caravan is not just that it offers you more space, but also the ability for your child to 'go' to school.

Keep it as a distraction-free area where they can get into the right headspace to work, away from toys, games and the comforts that define home.

Stock it with all the resources they'll need and use it to display the best examples of the work they complete while being schooled from home.

Divide and conquer

Depending on your family dynamic, you'll want to organise your home schooling arrangements in varying ways, but giving members of your family their own space will be imperative.

It could be that you have two parents at home both trying to work and therefore taking your child off to the caravan will allow them to get some tasks done without interruptions.

Alternatively, your main issue could be siblings being disruptive while their brothers and sisters are practising their handwriting or learning algebra, so take them off to the caravan.

Everything you need to hand

Decisions to close schools happen quickly and parents don't tend to have a lot of time to plan and organise their kids' learning resources or keep things tidy.

Before you know it, school books are hidden under piles of toys and the precious time you've assigned for working with them has been used up on hunting for resources all across the house.

Using your caravan as a classroom means you can keep all the learning paraphernalia in one place and don't need to pack tasks up that can be completed the following day, making everything run more smoothly.

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