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weird and wonderful

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the caravan beauty queen running for Miss Great Britain

Helen was previously voted Miss Sheffield in 2007

CaravanTimes sits down to have a chat with the beauty pageant queen who sells caravans by day, as she readies her bid for the upcoming Miss Great Britain finals, scheduled to be held in Leicester this November

VIDEO: The 1974 fifth wheel caravan you can tow with a VW Beetle

Beige was very much in style in 1974

An advertisement for a 1974 caravan designed for the VW Beetle has resurfaced on the internet and attracted more than 1 million views on YouTube

Der Bus: World's largest motorhome up for sale after rebuild project

This articulated tourer features a 470-litre water tank system

A 28-tonne motorhome, recognised in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest, has been put up for sale

Is the Knaus Tabbert Caravisio the caravan of the future?

The Caravisio will make its public debut at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon

German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert has released images of its design for the caravan of the future, which is called the Caravisio

Top five caravan road-trip songs from Jim Morrison to Van Morrison

The dangers of inappropriate playlists speak for themselves

Caravanning's appeal has captivated the song writing talents of some of the most prolific musicians over the last few decades. Here is our round up of the top five caravan road-trip songs

Solar-powered RV takes green caravanning to the next level

The campervan's condensation capture technology can generate water from air.

US Company Robrady Designs is planning to create a revolutionary head-turning green motorhome, featuring some truly amazing technology

Mini Cowley Caravan shows that good things come in small packages

The Mini Cowley shows you can travel light and in luxury.

Mini has revealed a compact "luxurious overnight solution" with its Cowley Caravan design, alongside two other getaway campers.

The Dukes Box create human jukebox in a caravan

The band cram inside half a caravan and perform hits to entertain their audiences

The Dukes Box perform for audiences all over the globe showcasing a wide range of genres, including jazz, rock and thrash metal, from their caravan-cum-musical stage

Introducing Pedal Bedzz - the pedal-powered micro motorhome

Pedal Bedzz is a cross between a pedal kart and a motorhome

Dorset motorhome dealer Kampers and Kars has created what must surely be the world's smallest motorhome, and yet it still has all the same mod cons as your average tourer

Sol Cinema creates the world's smallest cinema inside a caravan

Situated in a caravan, Sol Cinema is the smallest cinema in the world

Sol Cinema, which sits inside a caravan, claims to be the smallest movie theatre in the world and is completely powered by solar panels

Top Caravan News

Grand Theft Auto With A Caravan Attached

Police give chase to a tow car and caravan

We all know that caravans are a target for would be thieves and vandals. What you may not expect is for someone to try and pinch a towcar, swap the plates over and then have a police chase with a caravan attached. Some people really do not care for the rules of the road.

Coachman Sales Increase

Despite a tough market Coachman are thriving

Hull based caravan manufacturers have seen a huge rise in sales following what has been a tough time period for the industry as a whole. They have also seen more success as KABE have purchased a percentage of the business.

Most Read

Benimar Tessoro Part 1: The 483 Full Test

The Tessoro 483 is built on a 170BHP Ford

At CaravanTimes we recently had a Benimar Tessoro 483 on test for a couple of weeks. We have done just over 2000 miles in the Tessoro and tested in various ways - as you will find out in our inspiration features coming up. But before we give you some ideas of where and why you should use a motorhome like the Tessoro we wanted to bring some information on the Tessoro range and the very interesting 483.

Bristanbul Video Documentary Part 1

Part one of the documentary is here

So as most of our readers will know, the CaravanTimes team were lucky enough to be part of Bailey of Bristols, Bristol to the Bosphoros trip. Travelling 21 countries in 21 days the team did a fantastic job to take the 2 caravans and motorhome cross-continental.