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Synonymous with quality, Hymer supply caravans to outlets across Europe and the UK
Synonymous with quality, Hymer supply caravans to outlets across Europe and the UK

Thursday, 26, Aug 2010 04:43

One of Europe's leading mobile leisure companies, Hymer, manufacture caravans and motorhomes from their headquarters near Munich in Germany.

With a longstanding reputation for producing unique, high quality vehicles, the firm has become a linchpin in German leisure vehicle manufacturing. Hymer is synonymous with quality and with over fifty years of design, build and distribution experience, the company now supply vehicles to outlets across Europe and the UK.

Where it all began

Of their current five ranges, two have been in production for over half a century. The Eriba Touring series began life in 1957, followed three years later by the ever popular Hymer Nova series.

Construction methods have changed dramatically over the decades but the company's commitment to comfort and quality remain a stalwart design principle.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2007, Hymer continue to promote the mobile leisure industry and build motorhomes and caravans that are suited to the higher end of the market.

Body construction

Developed in 1978, Hymer developed the PUAL superstructure which uses a special bonding technology to seal the bodyshell. A closed cell PU foam is used to line the walls, making them impervious to water and helps to resist decay. The structure is protected with Hymers' unique bonding technology which connects the outer shell to the chassis. The company offer a 6 year water ingress warranty on all models made after 1985.

Hymer Eriba-Touring

The long standing Eriba-Touring range has developed somewhat of a cult status for their compact, lightweight designs that are easy to manoeuvre on and off the road. The body lengths range from 3.20 - 4.96 metres. 'Practical comfort on a small footprint' the most recent tourers are fitted out with elegant furniture and well kitted out kitchens.

  • Eriba-Touring Familia 310 GT 3 berth
  • Eriba-Touring Triton 430 GT 3 berth
  • Eriba-Touring Troll 560 GT 3 berth
  • Eriba-Touring Troll 550 GT 4berth

Hymer Feeling

With their unique pop-top design, Hymer's range of Feeling caravans brings something a bit different to the table. The furniture is designed to be self-supporting providing great stability and the extra few inches of headroom make all the difference for growing families.

  • Feeling 390 2 berth
  • Feeling 425 3 berth
  • Feeling 430 3 berth

Hymer Sporting

The five layouts in the Hymer Sporting range are particularly suited for family touring. 2010 saw the introduction of sleek side walls with a silver textured finish, and interior furnishings come in a choice of four upholstery schemes.

  • Sporting 440 4 berth
  • Sporting 465 4 berth
  • Sporting 505 5 berth
  • Sporting 530 4 berth
  • Sporting 560 6 berth

Hymer Nova

This premium class of caravans sits at the top end of Hymer's portfolio. Pearl-grey side walls set this range apart from the Nova S models.

  • Hymer Nova 465 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 495 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 530 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 531 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 540 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 541 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 545 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 580 4 berth

Hymer Nova S

Similar specifications to the Hymer Nova series, the Hymer S also have silver colour painted side walls to set them apart. A large front window lets in plenty of light and the heft twin axle 690 model comes with all the mod cons expected from a top of the range caravan.

  • Hymer Nova 540 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 545 4 berth
  • Hymer Nova 690 (twin) 5 berth

Hymer Arctic Star

The four layouts comprising the Arctic Star series are well kitted out with electric under-floor heating and Alde water heating systems. Built using Hymer's patented PUAL construction technique, these caravans are strong and very well insulated.

  • Arctic Star 565 5 berth
  • Arctic Star 595 6 berth
  • Arctic Star 685 6 berth
  • Arctic Star 785 7 berth

Rare 1960s Retro Revamp

The rare Model X in all its glory

When Jeremy Clarkson, who ironically loathes to caravan, finds a vintage or modern classic car you can see hear and his passion for vehicles. Having looked at this amazing 1960 caravan you can see why Clarkson does not need a script to put his point across. I truly believe that this amazing tourer would convert the ex Top Gear presenter in a heartbeat.

Show Season Is Almost Here

Get ready for show season with some advice from the team

This week will mark the beginning of the 2019 show season with the Manchester Caravan and Motorhome show kicking things of on the 17th and lasting until the 20th. As we enter the show season we are going to have a look at what to expect and what we are looking forward to.

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We run down 5 of the best articles from this year

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ReviewsOverall Rating

Hymer Nova 530K - 2007

High quality van, gives a good feeling to start of any holiday, easy to tow, mover a must as its a European van with door on wrong side for most sites...Read More

Hymer 530FB - 2006

Very comfortable van. Fixed bed has good quality mattress and seating is comfortable as the seat backs are higher than our previous van and offer mor...Read More

Hymer Swing 545 - 2003

Best caravan I have ever had....Read More

Hymer Camp 542 - 2007

Overall, I've been very happy with it, marked down slightly on equipment and comfort though....Read More

Hymer Nova 390 - 2007

Overall it's been a great caravan....Read More

Hymer Nova 570 GS - 2005

We've found this to be a very good caravan. Would have liked a slightly reduced price, but still happy with it....Read More

Hymer Nova 570 - 2006

It was the little things that let it down in the end....Read More

Hymer Nova 530LE - 2007

A warm in winter and cool in summer van. Very comfortable and reliable....Read More

Contact Details

HYMER Aktiengesellschaft
Postfach 1140
D-88339 Bad Waldsee
Tel +49 (0) 7524/999 106
Web www.hymer.com


TravelWorld Motorhomes www.motorhomes.co.uk
Eriba Ltd - Gloucestershire www.eriba-uk.com
Eriba Ltd - Gloucestershire www.eriba-uk.com
Lowdham Leisureworld - Nottingham www.lowdhams.com


  • Hymer Arctic Star
  • Hymer Feeling
  • Hymer Eriba-Touring
  • Hymer Sporting
  • Hymer Nova

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