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Knaus caravans
Knaus caravans

Thursday, 24, Mar 2011 11:05

Known for building solid, well constructed caravans, the Knaus brand has been in existence since 1961.

This German based leisure vehicle manufacturer has been designing, and selling caravans and motorhomes since 1961. It has been in partnership with Tabbert Industrie since 1996 when the two companies came together under the umbrella group KnausTabbert.

There are five ranges in the current line-up; Sports; Sudwind; Sudwind Exclusive; Deseo and Lifestyle which are all widely distributed throughout Europe. They are more of a rarity on British roads, but Knaus' reputation for high quality finishes has led to a solid fanbase.

The company produced a UK version called Starclass which was made specifically for the now defunct Hants and Dorset Caravan Company at Purbrook in Portsmouth. The vans were made for two seasons before they ceased production the mid-2000's. Heavy nose weights are thought to be responsible for limited market interest, which resulted in the remaining stock being sold off at reduced rates.

The Knaus Sport & Fun is a quirky model that is often on demand for second hand buyers. Its unique layout houses a fixed front end double with cavernous underbed storage and a roof rack built specifically for transporting bulky sport equipment such as skies or canoes.

Recent exchange rates have led to new Knaus imports costing above average, but their scarcity has led to greater demand on the used and second hand caravan market.

In 2013, Knaus unveiled their latest project, which aims to create a caravan of the future. Called the Caravisio, this model will receive its public debut at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon on 30 August.


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