Camplify Interview With Founder Justin Hales

Following The Camplify Launch We Interview Justin Hales
Following The Camplify Launch We Interview Justin Hales

Friday, 08, Sep 2017 11:41

By William Coleman

Following the article I wrote last week on the Camplify UK launch I had a chance to catch up with the founder Justin Hales. We were able to discuss the origins of his Camplify idea and much more.

Where did the unique concept for Camplify come from?

As a kid my family went caravaning as much as possible. Every school holiday we went somewhere in our caravan. Usually to the same place, a seaside park, where we went fishing and played in the sea. As an adult I wanted to get back into caravanning, but didn't want to have to purchase one. I was walking around my township looking at all the caravans and motorhomes not doing anything for 90% of the year, and thought, "why can't I just hire my neighbour's?" Camplify was born.

What made you choose the UK for the next phase of Camplify?

Well a number of factors, the UK is the perfect place for a caravan adventure, there are some amazing places to see and the facilities at the parks are amazing. When you compare the cost of hotels with caravans in the UK, it's a great value a family vacation. When we researched the industry, we found that around 70% of the RV owners had their caravans and motorhomes in storage, and used them around the same rate as Aussies. It is also a growth area in the UK. All these factors led us to want to jump into the UK market.

After the launch in Australia did you expect such a huge reception and growth?

We were not really sure what to expect. The Aussie market took a little time to warm to the concept, however in the UK thus far people are really excited and want to be involved which is very pleasing.

Have you spent much time in the UK touring around, if so do you have a favourite spot or location?

Yes, I have spent at least four weeks a year in the UK for the last three years. My favourite locations are; the Welsh coast around the Gower Peninsula, Cornwall around St. Minver, and the Peak District.

What do you think will draw the UK leisure industry to Camplify?

We are all about promoting what's in your backyard and getting more people on more holidays. The hirers due to easy cost effective holidays, and the owners having more holidays with all the extra income they have. We want people to stop looking outside their backyard and realise they live in an amazing country, where they can escape the city to a fantastic retreat in only a few hours, in a cost effective way.

Where do you see Camplify UK in 2 years?

Being the largest community of RV owners in the UK, making owners lots of money in a safe and secure way, while sending thousands of people on holidays.

Upon launch will you have full UK coverage or will it take time to build up areas in the UK?

This really depends on where our owners want to list, but our plan is everywhere, as soon as possible.

Where did you get your passion for leisure holidays?

That's simple, I was working in the mining industry in Australia, Africa, USA, and Asia. I wanted to do something more, and thought what is better than helping people go on holidays! I LOVE talking about holidays, and now I get to do it every day!

What is your preference. Caravan, motorhome or camping and why?

Hard question. I would have to say caravan, simply so you can get setup and do day trips without having to pack up and down every day.

What is your ideal weekend away on a staycation?

Easy, beach, fishing, craft beer, some local cheese, my wife, and our border collie Storm.

The soft launch took place earlier this month for people to join in and add their caravans, motorhomes, tents etc. So if this is something that possibly interests you get in touch with the Camplify team,

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