Todays Adventure 3 Countries In 1 Day And Border Crossings

The beautiful mountain ranges of the French Alps as we make our way to Italy
The beautiful mountain ranges of the French Alps as we make our way to Italy

Thursday, 12, Apr 2018 07:28

By William Coleman

Today is a big day on the tour as we embark on our journey to cross 3 countries in 1 day. Although we are only traveling 10 miles more than yesterday we are still managing to tick as many countries off of our list as possible. By the end of today we will be setting up camp at Lake Garda in Italy, which just so happens to be a destination that is right at the top of my bucket list of places to visit. Happy days!

So we set off from Gigny-sur-Saone at around 9am, it would have been earlier but the decision was made to give the team a bit of extra time in bed to recharge the batteries, to start making our way to land that created Velcro, Switzerland. The journey is roughly 272 miles and took around 7+ hours due to the speed limits we face towing.

As we drove through France toward to Mont Blanc tunnel we entered the skiing town of Chamonix which was amazing. You really do have to envy the folk who get to wake up every morning to the massive mountain range that surrounds them. The pictures I took simply not does not do the scenery justice. Absolutely amazing! For me one of the constant highlights of the trip is just how much you see. Europe is such a massive place with so many different terrains and settings that you are constantly gobsmacked at sights around you.

Once to convoy was back together we got down some lunch down us and headed into the Mont Blanc tunnel. I was in the driver's seat for this. I will be honest and say there were one of two butterflies in the tummy about driving in the tunnel but like most new experiences as soon as you are doing it you realise that there is zero to be concerned with. Take your time, obey the limits and laws, be aware of what is around you and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Once we left the tunnel we were in the Italy, somewhere close to my heart, in another skiing town. The architecture and buildings in this town are clearly influenced by their French neighbours and is very much a skiing hotspot. The main hotel even calls itself the Mont Blanc Mountain Hotel. The border crossing was simple, just drive into and then out through the tunnel so no issues or stories on that front.

Today has been a pretty driving heavy day but I was able to take in a lot of scenery at it was not constant motorway driving. To best part of today was trying 3 separate vehicles. First off I was I the support vehicle, the ever reliable and luxury Mercedes Vito, where we were able to catch up with the convoy who had a few miles on us as we opted to go shopping for supplies. Sitting very comfortable on the motorway teetering at the speed limit. The best thing about the Vito is how well it performs at high speed. There were 3 of us on board with a full production kit, luggage and all manner of touring essentials provided by Prima, and you would think you were transporting a bag of feathers. Like most Mercedes this is an absolute joy to drive on any road type or surface.

I spent the second half of the day with Lee Davey in the motorhome and opted to drive the whole distance from the Mont Blanc tunnel all the way to Lake Garda, another place that I promised I would visit at least once in my life.

So after a full 13 hour of travelling, we did have some quick pit stops on the way for tea, coffee and sandwiches, we have arrived at our site located on Lake Garda, Italy. I will not go into too much site detail, as I will be posting up a review once I had spent more time on site but one thing I will say is that this part of Italy is a sight to behold. The scenery is something straight out of the pages of a James Bond novel.

We did arrive a bit late to the site, as we had the lay in this morning and the huge traffic delay through Milan, so myself and Wes from Bailey will be making a three course feast for the team. The third of which is a French apple tart so do not tell the Italians! Wes and I fancy ourselves as culinary skilled travellers so and we put our hands up and nominated ourselves to cook for the team. Unfortunately due to the 1 hour stand still traffic on the motorway through Milan we simply did not get enough time in the evening. Something tells me that the team will not forget the self-nomination and hold us to the cooking challenge we set ourselves.

Once we arrived on site we were hit with pretty heavy rain and were pitching up in quite poor light with monsoon like condition, but that is a part of travelling. The reality of it, like every holiday type that exists, is sometimes weather will work against you no matter how glorious the location is.

So in summary we managed to cover 3 counties in one day with a convoy of three leisure vehicles, 2 of which are being towed, and a support vehicles. Tunnels, snowy mountains, blistering sunshine, we saw it all in one day.

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