We Buy Any Caravans Selling Hints & Tips

We Buy Any Motorhomecaravan Tips For Selling Your Motorhome
We Buy Any Motorhomecaravan Tips For Selling Your Motorhome

Monday, 11, Sep 2017 02:20

By William Coleman

Recently I was speaking with We Buy Any Motocaravan about what are the key factors when trying to sell your motorhome or caravan.

We Buy Any Motocaravan provide an honest, friendly and efficient service for people who want to sell their leisure vehicle stress free. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry they are well equipped to help you on your sellers journey.

As anyone who has sold anything before knows, the devil is in the detail. Whether it be on eBay, the Friday Ad or a poster in the window of your car, people buy the best looking and most informative advert. So before you begin to list your vehicle for sale here are some of the things that We Buy Any Motocaravan suggest to look out for.

Evidence of Paperwork

The more paperwork you have the better. A paper trail of the vehicle provides a level of validity and trust and it will make for a much stronger chance of sale. If you can provide the MOT and service history it will show the buyer the care that has gone into making sure the motorhome or caravan has been very well looked after. If the vehicle has no MOT get one sorted as soon possible. I do not know of anyone who would look at let alone buy a vehicle without a valid MOT.

If you purchased your motorhome from new then you should have all the paperwork that it came out of the factory with. A well maintained and well documented vehicle will demand a much higher price.

If you can display evidence that you have had a motorhome habitation service carried out this will also be beneficial. You can think of a habitation service as being a motor homes equivalent to an MOT for the aspects of your motor home that are used for living such as LPG / Water / Electricity.

Wear, Tear & Paintwork

Anything that is movable will at some point in its life get marked or scuffed. In the case of a motorhome, for example, the possibility of it coming into contact with something else is very likely. The more damage to the vehicle the more the value goes down. Any good owner would tend to damage immediately, but the unavoidable cosmetic damage caused by everyday use is the one thing you cannot protect against. So always try to fix and repair anything that catches you eye. Because if you see it so will a potential buyer. This also applies to the interior and internal fittings. So go through the home inside and out with a fine toothed comb and look out for anything that may devalue what you are trying to sell.

Damp and Water Damage

The damage caused by a continual leak can be invisible for years. The signs of water damage can also be very hard to detect. Large motorhomes can have an indoor style plumbing system that unless you start taking things apart you will never find these damages, until it's too late. The quicker you spot a leak the better. Water damage can sometimes cause more damage than it's worth. So if you see it act fast and resolve it before the cost for repair become uneconomical.

Roof Condition

The roof is something that should be checked on a yearly basis. Much like the water damage, you can find the issue when it is too late. When doing your checks before selling always think whether this is something you would buy from someone if they presented it to you. If you use luggage storage racks check to make sure that, if they have been overloaded, there is no damage from the fittings.

There are a thousand different things to check and consider when preparing your motorhome for sale. Far too many to list in this one single article. Everything that you can see will need to be checked and cleaned. As a buyer they will scrutinise every little spec of dust they can find. For more advice and tips visit We Buy Any Motocaravan full extensive online guide to selling your motorhome, We Buy Any Motorhome Selling Guide

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