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Elddis has grown form strength to strength since its inception in 1964
Elddis has grown form strength to strength since its inception in 1964

Tuesday, 25, Oct 2016 03:13

Producing its first prototypes back in 1964, Elddis has a long history of building caravans and, over the last five decades, the company has continued to build upon its reputation for manufacturing award winning, affordable tourers and motorhomes with a strong and widespread retailer network. Elddis caravans are manufactured alongside their sister brand, Buccaneer Caravans, in a large, modern production facility in Consett, County Durham.

Since its inception in the sixties, Elddis has undergone various incarnations. In 1998, the company was brought under the Explorer Group umbrella along with two other established caravan manufacturers, Buccaneer and Compass. A decade later the Explorer Group launched the Xplore range, making it the UK's second largest caravan and motorhome manufacturer.

Goodbye Explorer - Hello Elddis

In 2009, the company announced a departure from its large, mass production business model to concentrate on building a single primary range of standard products.

With Elddis being the company's longstanding and most reputable product, they rebranded the business under the original Elddis moniker. The successful Xplore range became the Elddis Xplore and the Compass range was dropped from the portfolio until reemerging like a phoenix from the ashes just two years ago.

The Buccaneer brand remains as the stand alone sister brand of Elddis, representing the high quality, luxury end of the market.

A new dawn

Elddis Caravans source parts from around the globe to keep prices competitive and continue to invest in product development and production processes to ensure they deliver great quality yet affordable tourers.

Since rebranding, Elddis have gone from strength to strength, establishing themselves as market leaders with reasonably priced caravans.

In the summer of 2012, the company rolled out a major rethink of the way it builds caravans and motorhomes. By switching over to the SoLiD Construction system, a robust method that uses industrial-grade adhesives instead of screws and bolts, allowing the company to now claim exceptional levels of strength, lightness and dryness.

For more details, news, rumour and discussions about Elddis Caravans, join our community group for Elddis Caravan Owners here.

Innovations for 2017

New eight-feet-wide, twin-axle touring caravans arrive for 2017 from the Explorer Group. A completely new Compass caravan range has been launched. And there's a new, lightweight island-bed Xplore model.

Two of the new 2.45m-wide (eight feet) touring caravans are in the Elddis Avanté range. Two more are in the all-new Compass range. Both are 2.45m wide; that's almost 20cm wider than other models in the Avanté range.

The first ever family-layout Buccaneer is launched. And there's a range of four caravans with metallic blue sides; these are the four Compass Camino models.

Elddis Affinity

If it is not broken do not fix it seems the likely mantra of Elddis bosses when contemplating whether to tamper with their Affinity range.

Despite dropping the 540 model for 2017, there are no real changes going into the new year.

However, there are a number of modifications throughout the fleet, which now stands at five-strong.

For an in-depth look at the latest improvements to the Affinity range click on the provided link.

Elddis Avante

For 2017, Elddis has kept all but the 566 and 576 Avante models, while introducing three new models to the mix.

The first of the new models, the Avante 554, is a single-axle layout featuring a retractable transverse bed and rear bathroom/dressing area.

Perhaps more excitingly, Elddis has also introduced two additional new models for the '17 season, namely the Avante 840 and the Avante 866 - both of which are 8ft wide.

For a fuller look at the Avante range click on the link.

Elddis Crusader

This year sees the Crusader Supersirocco bow out as five models remain, namely the Mistral, Aurora, Storm, Tempest and Supercyclone.

A total of six models have been made available as another is added to the fleet, the six-berth Zephyr.

The Zephyr, a twin-axle caravan oozing five-star luxury, comes complete with a retractable transverse fixed bed at the rear and spacious living room at the front, separated by a luxurious washroom and shower room.

It is possible to section off the rear bedroom, as well as the living area up front, to provide for more privacy too.

To take a look at the developments in the Crusader range click on the link.

Elddis Xplore

For the new season the Xplore range has seen the introduction of the four-berth 554 model.

The 554 features a retractable transverse fixed island bed and rear bathroom, as well as a spacious end-bathroom/dressing area and bright, airy lounge.

The compact camper offers a lightweight solution for all your caravanning needs at a maximum technically permissible laden mass of 1350kgs.

For more information on the Xplore range click on the link.


Elddis's original 8ft wide range, the Buccaneer, returns for 2017 but gone is the Cutter model, which sees itself replaced with two new vehicles.

The two new models, namely the Commodore and Galera, have been introduced for the new season joining the Clipper, Schooner, and Cruiser.

While maintaining its size across the range, the Buccaneer has seen changes made to the the front by way of a new panel, new windows and new gas locker door.

For those keen to read more into the Buccaneer range click on the link.

Innovations for 2016

Elddis Affinity

The multi-award-winning Affinity is available in six single-axle models for 2016, all featuring Alde's central heating system and Sky-Scape panoramic sunroof, and all weighing in at less than 1500kgs MTPLM.

New for 2016 is the large Heki Lux 'Stargazer' roof which comes incorporated on all models, which allows for an abundance of light to enter into the caravan during the day, whilst enabling you to stargaze at night.

Other enhancements for 2016 come by way of a new 'Hydrangea' designed upholstery design featuring Ozio Hi-performance construction, and snazzy 'Reno Walnut' craftsman-built cabinetry.

Space saving also comes as standard, with Elddis looking to make more room onboard, thanks to the inclusion of retractable beds on the Affinity 554 and 550 models, creating an extra 400mm floor space in the process.

Inside the shower, a new EcoCamel Orbit water saving Halo shower which uses Aircore technology should provide for a decent power shower, whilst new bathroom accessories provide for an updated feel.

Elddis Avante

Featuring 'StrongLite' high strength aluminium sides and fully bonded awning rails with no screws, the Avante sees eight models being made available of 2016, including the new four-berth 554.

A new panoramic Sky-Scape sunroof as standard across the range allows for a plethora of light throughout each Avante, whilst a new front panel design with three opening double glazed windows will also allow for a feeling of space.

New 'Marone' craftsman built cabinetry complements the contrasting two tone 'Fantasie Brushed' flush-fit kitchen units with chrome inset details, making the Avante range one to be proud of. 'Mayfair' upholstery with Ozio hi-perofrmance construction adds to the look.

Additional extras for 2016 include retractable beds on the 554 and 550 models, creating 400mm additional floor space, new external graphics, and a new Whale Expanse dual fuel underslung 8-litre water heater, and Whale iVan touch screen intuitive control panel, making the Grade 3 thermal insulation a caravan for all seasons.

Elddis Crusader

Featuring a total of six layouts for 2016, including the new Elddis Crusader provides those looking for a luxurious getaway exactly that.

From the sporty, head-turning exterior to the impressive and lavish interior, each Crusader is built upon high strength one piece aluminium sides in a new 'Champagne' colour scheme whilst, inside, new Aquaclean 'Vinci' upholstery featuring Ozio hi-performance construction complement the 'Marone' craftsman built cabinetry with 'Ash Prato' feature strips.

When it comes to saving space, the retractable bed featured on the Mistral, Aurora and Storm models allow for an additional 400mm of floor space, and an abundance of light comes courtesy of the panoramic Sky-Scape. Light will be the only thing getting in though, with Aero Privacy flush-lit double-glazed side windows with night ventilation position ensuring privacy.

An exclusive EcoCamel Orbit water saving Halo shower head which uses Aircore technology, should enable you to feel right at home and, inside the kitchen, 'Fantasie Brushed' kitchen units completes the look.

Elddis Xplore

The Elddis Xplore is renowned as one of the lightest, smallest and most affordable caravans on the market - and 2016 is no different.

Built using SoLiD construction, the Xplore range is ideal for families and couples alike and feature a number of specifications to enable a wonderful time away whatever the weather thanks to the Rapid Heat-up 8 litre Whale heating system and Grade 3 thermal insulation, truly making it a range for all seasons.

Six layouts are available for 2016, all of which benefit from new 'Marone' craftsman built cabinetry and 'Cosimo' upholstery providing an updated look. Contrasting 'Fantasie brushed' flush-lit kitchen units and granite effect deep worktops in Mineral Creme allow for a kitchen experience similar to that in the home.

Owing to the light weight, the Xplore is extremely easy to tow, virtually by any car, and its price offers an alternative to those looking to buy a secondhand caravan.


As sister brand of Elddis, the Buccaneer range is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to luxury and 2016 is no different.

Featuring five layouts, including the new four-berth Clipper, the Buccaneer is no average caravan - at 8ft wide, and being one of the most opulent caravans on the market, how can it be?

The sheer size of the Buccaneer enables a plethora of space throughout, allowing for a number of unique layouts which would otherwise be impossible to implement.

Specification is also second to none and, for 2016, the Buccaneer features a one-piece exterior door and one-piece GRP sides in silver.

Inside, new lexington upholstery featuring Ozio hi-performance construction creates a light and airy feel, enhanced by the amount of light created by the 'Sky Scape' panoramic sunroof with LED ambient lighting.

Elsewhere, a retractable bed inside the Cutter, Cruiser, Caravel and Clipper creates even more space.

Truly a caravan for all seasons, the Buccaneer features Alde 24 hour programmable central heating and water heating, as well as a 100w Truma roof mounted solar panel.

The range also features a remote-controlled hydraulic self-levelling system allowing for an easy pitch wherever you are.

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