LONG TERM TEST AUTOTRAIL TRIBUTE: Conclusion - The Right Tool For The Job. 

We Say Farewell to The Autotrail Tribute
We Say Farewell to The Autotrail Tribute

Friday, 11, Aug 2017 04:45

by Dan Cartwright

Sometimes in life a piece of technology changes your perspective, it changes what you can do and how you feel about doing it. From your first dishwasher to the first time you use an eclectic screwdriver to put together flatpack furniture suddenly you understand about the right tool for the right job. You start cooking more, spending more time and money in ikea, secretly loving the technology that turns chores into pleasure. Spending 6 weeks living with and in the Tribute we at CaravanTimes have had a similar awakening. To find out why, either read our detailed reports on Practicality, Driving, Long Breaks, Short Breaks, and Family reviews, each are below or if you want a brief video catch up then stay tuned for next weeks newsletter. 

One thing to bare in mind if you have followed our full review each week is I didn't have high hopes for this class of the motorhome before the test. I knew AutoTrail make very good motorhomes but I have always seen this type as not as practical as a small campervan and not as good for holidays as caravans or bigger motorhomes. I was wrong, it is this class of motorhome, small, compact but fully equipped that surprised us with its practicality and versatility. There are other compact motorhomes from Auto-Trail (the Vline) and other manufactures but the Tribute has everything you need and is competitively priced. The Tribute is an entry level motorhome, the 670 costs £40,450 on the road...  near enough the exact same price as the cheapest VW California (£40,455)... While the VW comes in different colours, nothing quite beats an indoor toilet at 2:00am when your'e wild camping in November.

Over the past 6 weeks we have had 8 testers and we have covered 3000+ miles and spent a total of 18 nights sleeping in the Tribute.  We have wild camped, hooked up on many sites and even been to a festival. We have used it as photography base, we have foraged our own food, parked it in the square mile in the city of London and Tom Evans has even used it whilst learning to hula hoop in Peterborough.

The Tribute 670 goes back to it's home at AutoTrail on Monday and then on to it's new owner as that specific motorhome has been sold. It is with heavy heart that I see it go but if you are the very lucky family who have bought it congratulations you won't be disappointed. 

Now our eyes are open to this particular class of small, compact motorhomes we are very much looking forward to exploring it more.  

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