Our Top Touring Apps To Help Holidaying

What phone apps are worth looking at?
What phone apps are worth looking at?

Monday, 19, Nov 2018 01:43

By William Coleman

It was not that long ago that the A to Z was the travelling man's, and woman's, best friend. For years this helped motorists and holiday makers across the UK get from A to B with ease, provided you had a good map reading co-pilot and an update map. Years on it seems technology has made the map book look like a relic. As technology rolls on we take a look at some apps that may just change the way you holiday.

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the past 10-15 years. I remember when I first heard that companies were going be mixing a phone and a camera together and thinking, "well that sounds silly." Here we are today with a camera on your phone that can broadcast live video, video call, post your photo online as you take it and even identify the objects it is looking at and show you where to buy it. But how has technology helped move caravanning into the 21st century?

As I mentioned before the phone apps for maps are without a doubt one of, if not the, most helpful tool for anyone who likes to hitch up the van and set off an adventure. Why are these apps so helpful though, and are they really better than a trusty map? Simply put yes, yes they are.

Take Google Maps for example. Run by one of the largest companies on the planet and updated with info from second to second meaning you are always up to date with the best routes, traffic updates and problems along the way.

I was travelling to the NEC a few weeks ago and about an hour into my journey Google informed me of an accident on my route that would add an hour to my journey time. It then asked me if I would like to take a different route and save myself 50 minutes. This is something that you simply do not get with map books or an A-Z.

So we are going to look at several apps that can make your caravan life a lot easier, meaning more time to put your feet up with a cup of tea and a pack of chocolate biscuits.

Google Maps

Not specifically designed for the caravan or motorhome world, and cannot really compete with a full on sat nav, but what a fantastic help this free app is.

Google Maps will give you live traffic updates, reroute to save time, alert you of obstructions and incidents all for zero cost.

This is not to say that it is perfect as sometimes it does not update as quickly as and you need and you have to put the final destination in and search again for a more up to date ETA and traffic update, usually only happens on motorways when a collision has very recently happened.

Price- Free

Value For Money- 5/5

Overall Score ?

Final Thoughts- A fantastic app that is free. It will not replace a sat nav which has been designed for motorhome or towing but some people swear by this app and have never needed to buy or use anything else.

Key Features

  • Live traffic updates
  • ETA always spot on
  • Easily add another destination on route such as petrol stations, service stations etc
  • Voice guided, which can be muted

Truma App

Having an on board heating and air con system that can be controlled from your phone? "It will never happen.", I heard people say. Yet here we are at the end of 2018, and it is very much a reality for a lot of caravan and motorhome owners with a Truma or Alde system.

If your leisure vehicle has the iNET system on board all you will need to do it go the app store on your phone, search for Truma and then download. It really is that simple.

While you are out on your journey you can set the temperature of your van so when you arrive you can step into a cool or pre warmed environment and start relaxing right away. There really is nothing worse than stepping into an oven temperature van after a nice day out in the sun.

For complete full details on the app and how it can benefit you make sure you visit the Truma App Page.

Price- Free

Value For Money- 5/5

Overall Score 5/5

Final Thoughts- Another free app that helps you to ensure the climate of your van is perfect. No issues using the app and very easy to navigate through. A zero cost this is a must have for any Truma customer provided you have the right system in your caravan or motorhome.

Key Features

  • Display if a set temperature or the on-board voltage is not reached
  • Control Truma appliances from up to four smartphones via the App
  • Automatic climate control in combination with the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel
  • Compatible with Alde heating system

Talking Caravan Leveling

The Talking Caravan Leveling app is quite a handy tool, something I was unsure of when I first saw it. Once I started dabbling with the app's features I saw a lot of reasons why this app would be popular with caravanners.

First of all it cuts out the need of having assistant stood there with a spirit level spouting out adjustment advice and then leading to the inevitable bickering. Simply place your tablet or smartphone down and let the app do the talking.

The app will tell you which leg or wheel needs to be raised on your leisure vehicle and when to raise or lower the jockey when you are level.

Nowadays almost every smartphone comes with a spirit level that you can simply place down and then adjust accordingly. The difference with this app is that you have a voice guiding you and giving you quite specific info of what needs doing to get totally level.

Price- £1.49-£1.99 (depending what phone you have)

Value For Money- 3.5/5

Overall Score 5/5

Final Thoughts- The app is simple and does what is says on the tin. There is not much to it but will certainly help a lot of people, especially of you are setting up on your own or would rather do it by yourself.

Key Features

  • Voice guided instructions
  • Very specific information given

The Caravan And Motorhome UK Sites App

Here is one for Club members, or prospective club members, to see just how many sites CAMC have and where they are.

Yes, their website does this but being able to do it sat on the sofa via an app on your phone does provide another level of ease and comfort while you plan your next get away.

Another handy feature is being able to book and or amend your current site booking all with just a few taps. Being able to use a series of filters to narrow down the search means you can very easily tailor your preferences to what suits you and find some new sites you may not have known existed.

Price- Free

Value For Money- 5/5

Overall Score 5/5

Final Thoughts- A little bit like the main website but more modern and a lot more readily accessible thanks to the way the app works. This is a great way to find out more about The Club's sites and locations.

Key Features

  • Filters enable you to find the perfect site for you
  • You are able to save your favourite sites in the "favourites" section
  • "Google" style map system makes it very easy to find sites in certain areas

There are a ton of apps out there to help you on your journey, some free and some that cost. I would have a look at some reviews before spending money on an app as there is usually a free version that does the same thing out there. What would you like to see in an app?

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