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people and places news

Keeping Fit While Touring

Keeping fit, having a holiday and having fun, It can all be done at the same time

Trying to stay in shape is hard work, trust me I've been trying for years. Yes it can be physically hard but the mind is tough part. Whenever you think "oh I need to exercise" its common, for me, to just shut off and not what to do it. But what if you make it fun and incorporate it into your holiday and touring activities..?

The Definition Of Dangerous Towing And Risking Life

2 drivers pulled over to reveal extreme levels of poor towing safety

When it comes to cutting corners or bad practice there are certain things where is can be kind of acceptable. Not putting enough butter on your sandwich, not lifting the carpet when your vacuuming on a Sunday morning. When it comes to towing and keeping passengers safe there is zero margin for error. Something that two drivers neglected when they were pulled over by police to reveal children and babies left in the caravan while towing.

Swift Group Forms Charitable Partnership

Swift Group Commercial Director Nick Page, Andy Newhall (right) hand over the keys to James Cameron, CEO of Mission Motorsport

The Swift Group have formed a partnership with military forces' charity Mission Motorsport. Swift have donated a motorhome to the Armed Forces' charity that helps veterans rebuild their lives, post service, by providing opportunities through motorsport. A charity effort that I am sure we can all agree is extremely important.

Luxury Resort Recognised For Promoting Shrewsbury

Love2Stay manager Geoff Plumridge and staff members Charlotte Auterson, Steve and Kay Gallagher and Brendan Leach with the Mayor Awards for Tourism.

The high end state of the art Love2Stay has recently celebrated its first birthday. With its first massively successful year in the bag the site has also been awarded the Shrewsbury Mayor's Award for Tourism, so that's one more top prize to add to the trophy cabinet.

Swift Employ The VIN CHIP System

Swift are taking the fight to thieves

Unfortunately the theft of caravans and motorhomes is something that is far too common in the UK. It seems as though every time you turn around you speak to someone who has their touring vehicle vandalised or stolen. Swift are now fighting back with the VIN CHIP theft deterrent system.

Pre Towing Safety Checks

Do you have a check list routine before towing your caravan?

I am sure we have all hooked up our caravan to our tow car a thousand times, so much so that it has now become second nature. Can you become so used to it that sometimes you can overlook things? After speaking with a keen caravaner who spotted two instances where the hitch lock lever was not locked in I thought I would put together a little chick list for a little refresher. Lord knows I have made a few mistakes.

Marquis Dealership Grand Opening

Guildford's Mayor opens the new Marquis dealership

CaravanTimes have been field testing quite a few models from the guys at Marquis over the past few months. While we were putting their vehicles through their paces Marquis have been busy working away to bring you a brand new dealership based in Surrey.

Interview With Lee Davey About His WW2 Caravan Adventure With His Son Charlie

Gladys on board the ferry to France with a rouge stowaway

A couple of weeks ago Lee Davey and his 10 year old son Charlie used their bank holiday to go on a time travelling adventure in a classic caravan to find out what their family members did during the Second World War.

Holiday Park Boss Insists On Fair Wages For Staff

Under paying workers in the touring industry

Fair pay is something we all deserve no matter what industry your in. It seems as though, from what I have read, that a lot of the workers that make our industry so special are often very poorly paid. Is this a trend in the industry or just a few random cases?

Perthshire Park Takes Top Scottish Awards

Colin and Margaret Wood (rear, centre) with other family members and senior staff at the awards ceremony

There were cheers for Scotland's park-owning Wood family this summer when their Blairgowrie Holiday Park in Perthshire took first place in a major awards final. Blairgowrie was named as Scotland's Best Caravan Site of the Year at the Scottish Hospitality Awards which took place at Crowne Plaza, Glasgow.

Top Caravan News

The All New Marquis Randger Campervan

Marquis Introduce a brand new range to the UK market

Marquis, who I am sure you know, are the UK's largest dealer network have launched the all new Randger campervans.

Travelworld Gains Prestigious Award

2018 is going to be a massive year for Travelworld

When it comes to receiving accolades and awards there is no doubt that the touring industry pull out all the stops to ensure they deliver the best to in turn receive the best. Now Travelworld have been awarded most prestigious accolade from the parent group of the brands it represents and will be rebranding the dealership and the business as 'ERWIN HYMER CENTER - Travelworld'

Most Read

Benimar Tessoro Part 1: The 483 Full Test

The Tessoro 483 is built on a 170BHP Ford

At CaravanTimes we recently had a Benimar Tessoro 483 on test for a couple of weeks. We have done just over 2000 miles in the Tessoro and tested in various ways - as you will find out in our inspiration features coming up. But before we give you some ideas of where and why you should use a motorhome like the Tessoro we wanted to bring some information on the Tessoro range and the very interesting 483.

Bristanbul Video Documentary Part 1

Part one of the documentary is here

So as most of our readers will know, the CaravanTimes team were lucky enough to be part of Bailey of Bristols, Bristol to the Bosphoros trip. Travelling 21 countries in 21 days the team did a fantastic job to take the 2 caravans and motorhome cross-continental.