Swift Challenger Sport

Thursday, 04, Aug 2011 04:54

The Swift Challenger Sport is the 2012 model year replacement for the popular Swift Charisma. Almost every aspect of the caravan has been redesigned, from the sleek aerodynamic exterior to the upgraded interior. And from the outset it's clear that Swift have drawn upon the flagship Swift Challenger range in an attempt to drive this Charisma replacement upmarket.

Hence the re-naming of the range as "Swift Challenger Sport" - this is a caravan which has a striking similarity in body shape with the more expensive Challenger. It features the distinctive optional front sunroof seen on its bigger brother, and similar "family" styling on the exterior. Yet the engineering is different, with the aim of putting these lighter models within reach of most average family cars.

New from the ground up

If you're new to Swift Caravans, then you should be aware that they often sell two identically constructed models under two separate brand names. So what's the difference between the Swift Challenger Sport and the Sterling Eccles Sport? Well, it's about styling: the Swift Challenger Sport is more traditional in appearance, showing a full length stripe in burgundy and grey on the exterior and featuring a rich "Malia Acacia" wood interior. By contrast, the Sterling Eccles Sport has a more modern feel using a lighter woodgrain called "Oregon Pine", while sporting a bold graphic at window level on the exterior.

Instead of cosmetically improving the existing ranges or shrinking the Challenger, Swift has built a caravan where everything is new from the chassis upwards. The front aerodynamic panel is made from hard-wearing GRP to protect the caravan from road debris, and features a wide door on the front locker to help take all the essentials. Meanwhile a full height ABS moulded panel at the back is complimented by recessed awning channels at the sides.

Eight models, two new layouts

The Swift Challenger Sport range comprises eight models including two new layouts. The 514 model will be popular with those looking for a more open-plan format to the caravan, and features a 5.2m fixed bed in the sleeping area. And for couples or families who need extra sleeping space, the 636 may be the default choice. The six-berth caravan features children's bunks in the rear, and sits on a twin axle chassis.

Inside the Swift Challenger Sport is a well lit place to be, as the new range features an array of lighting options. New LED lights in the main habitation area offer useful energy-saving benefits, while over locker lighting in the lounge and bedroom areas keep things well-lit. There's even a moulded light (and speaker panel) over the front seats.

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